Thousands of people, mostly women are murdered or disfigured by having acid thrown in their face.  These crimes are done by their fathers, brothers or jilted marriage prospects as revenge or to 'preserve the family honor.'


The victims are typically beautiful, middle eastern women.  Their 'crimes' are because they got raped, didn't want to marry someone, had a boyfriend, left the religion etc.


Articles I read tried to say there was no link to religion.  Surely religion and culture are integrated? 



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Articles I read tried to say there was no link to religion.  Surely religion and culture are integrated?


A basic definition of "culture" is any set of behaviors, beliefs, and information shared by groups of people.  Religions are one type of culture among many.  

Cultures also overlap and may have indistinct boundaries, so it may be difficult to determine whether a given tradition is "religious" in nature or not. 

I'm inclined to believe that there is nothing inherently religious about honor killings, however a determination would require further investigation.

Questions to ask:

1. Is the practice specifically taught by a given religious leader?

2. Is the practice specifically advocated in religious texts or oral teachings?

3. Can the practice be said to clearly derive from some given religious practice, belief or teaching?

So it's a cultural thing, even if it's considered unacceptable & illegal?

Well, cultures can be positive or negative. There are criminal cultures, gang cultures, etc. The word "culture" doesn't necessarily refer to things most people think of as positive behaviors.


And religion is a subset of culture?

Yes, based on my definition above.


The wikipedia article on honor killings is pretty informative.  Apparently honor killings are pretty closely related to islamic countries, and religious leaders do use them as punishments.  It's also used in Hindu cultures / countries.


I actually wasn't aware of this myself -- thanks for educating us.
No link to religion.  Yeah, right.  Tell them to read Sam Harris and the works by the woman who escaped Stepford Islamicism in favor of a decadent, abominable life in the West.  (Help: what was her name?)  These people are still living in the 7th century when the prophet Mohammed received his Holy Book from the Angel Gabe.  The Quran imprisons people by freezing them in time, and time is manipulated by the mullahs and ayatollahs so that things stay that way.  No matter that the genes of males determine the sex of a child, since, in some countries, having a female baby is a major sin, if not de jure, then by praxis.  Such laws and beliefs can only hold sway where women are chattels and where the male does pretty much as he pleases, never challenged by the subservient stepfords.

I think you are referring to Ayaan Hirsi-ali, who worked on the film Submission with filmmaker Theo van Gogh.  Van Gogh was later murdered.  She was threatened and moved to the US.


She has founded the AHA foundation, to "to help protect and defend the rights of women in the West from oppression committed in the name of religion and culture."


   Again I fully agree with you, and fully recommend the reading material.  People as a whole should read more.  Most will sadly never know the richness of wisdom and information that's out there.  There's so much more to the world than U-Tube.

I would think so-Islam is a really bad religion anyway.I am so glad the USA is not muslim.It's so awful that these things happen.There is no honor in honor killing.




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