We all know of horns in classical and jazz. What about in rock? Tell us your favorite rock/pop song with unforgetable horns.


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Thanks, Steph. I really recommend Chase and The Flock. Little known, but great horns.

James Taylor. Love anything this man does. 'Up From Your Life'.


Saw them in Jackson, Mississippi in 1979. The only other concert I thought was better was Stevie Wonder. Earth, Wind, & Fire. With  great remake of a Beatles classic. 'Got To Get You Into My Life'.http://youtu.be/mL7jUYjAaC4


Kinda cheesy, I know. But fun and infectious, with good horn section. Kool and the Gang. 'Celebration'.


Frank Zappa. 'Montana'. Effing Brillant. 'Nuff said.http://youtu.be/smZA9Jv3qH0



"Rosana" by Toto. Anything with Jerry Hey and Chuck Findley in the trumpet section. "Boogie Down" by Al Jarreau also comes to mind. 

Bill Chase's entire first album was also incredible. "Get It On"!

I know. His second album was pretty good too. To bad about the accident. Oh, he used to play with Woody Herman and the Thundering Herd. Bill Chase. A talent cut short.

No kidding. I even had the third album "Pure Music". Lots of great clips with him in Woody's band on YouTube.

Thanks Greg. I never even thought of looking for Woody on youtube, Duh! Probably be able to find Maynard too. Color me looking dumb.

...Does "Russian Unicorn" by BLR count? /sheepish grin

For you Nerdlass, it does. lol :)

Peter Gabriel. 'Sledgehammer'. This is for you Steph.





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