My Favorite horror movies are Zombie Films. I hope to one create a zombie film that will be so realistic it will scare ANYONE who watches it. In my opinion George A. Romero is the godfather of zombie films!

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Taylor, you might get more comments on your post if you post it in the Cinema group. This category is for discussions specifically about Atheist Nexus, ideas for the site, and suggestions for the site.

You might also enjoy Oh, the Horror! and B Movies.
Thank you, as i am sure you know i am new to this so the advice helps=)
Hey, no problem. Anytime! Even though I've been here for a while, I'm still learning new things.
check out Evil Dead II man. it's not really a "zombie movie" but it IS totally bad ass. that's my date movie deal breaker... if i bring over Evil Dead II, and the girl is either too scared, or thinks it's lame... it's just not gonna work out. yeah... the single life. Lol!
Yay! I love Zombie movies too! I frequently have zombie nightmares, along with other nightmares, but zombies are my thing. I just exchanged movies with my boss: he gave me some oldies (The Man who shot Liberty Valance and Captain Courageous...) I gave him Evil Dead 2 & 28 Days Later.
Dawn of the Death (the 2004 version). i loved it because you couldn't just run away from them like in all the old school flicks. the slow one's never scared me cause i just couldn't suspend disbelief enough to think some zombie slower than my grandparents was gonna catch me and eat my brains. The 2004 version is sweet from start to finish though. i highly recommend.




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