Hot diggety!!! FFRF and Newdow sue over "In doG We Trust" on US Money

Here's the complaint:

It does a good job of demonstrating the damned motto was put on for religious reasons (present day claims to the contrary notwithstanding), covering the initial inception on our coinage, the controversy when Theodore Roosevelt tried to remove it from some coins in 1907, the addition to paper currency in the 1950s (starting with Series 1957 silver certificates), and the brouhaha when people couldn't find it stamped into the edge of the presidential dollars.  It got moved to the face of the coin, but "E Pluribus Unum" and the mint and date got left on the edge.

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Great! If we need a motto how about "Respect Earth, it's our only home."

E Pluribus Unum works fine.

...and contradictory religions are not the way to get there!

And you can't get there by having one of them hijack the government.  Our founding fathers understood this.  They'd be disgusted with the jackasses pushing "America is a Christian Nation and if you don't like it leave."

Or as Blue Man Group said in their PSA / music vidlet:

"Please note, however, that in the event of continued inaction in the face of global warming, your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. Also, please take a moment to locate this planet's emergency exits. As you can see, there aren't any."

On another "ha ha only serious" note, there's also "Save the Earth. It's our only source of chocolate."

Well I should hope the three of us can agree that the motto should not be In God We Trust.

I agree Steve - they should remove "in god we trust"

We should also remove the "under god" in the pledge which was a knee jerk reaction to the evil, GODLESS Communist

Without a doubt.

Alas the last such effort failed... which doesn't make me too optimistic about this one.  If anything this one is even more important, I want this crap off my money.

In case we don't restore "E Pluribus Unum", I've seen another that I really like, proposed by the American Humanist Association. It would require a mere one-character edit:

In Good We Trust

The earth as our only source of chocolate! I like, I like, I like!!!!!

As to IGWT:

Will a majority of the US Supreme Court or any lower appellate court find the courage to confront America's christian bullies?

I fear they won't.

When one of Reagan's writers devised the slogan "Trust but Verify", I realized I'd learned the importance of verification 35 years earlier while working in my dad's "mom, pop and kids grocery store" and dealing with deliverymen. On random days we counted the items they delivered and placed on shelves. One day my dad found a bread deliveryman billing the store for more loaves than he had delivered. My dad said he wouldn't report the deliveryman but would require him to allow time to count the loaves before shelving them.

If the Court can't find the courage, suppose we add to the IGWT slogan something like "Verification Lacking".

I think the most likely scenario is that they will reject the case on some sort of argument based on standing.  That's been happening to us a lot; apparently they sense the weakness of the religious right's arguments but sympathize with them anyway.


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