It is always a question to my mind, does climate has to do something with the religon? As almost all of world most followed religons Hinduism, Budhism, Judism, Chritianity and Islam were born in the hotter regions?

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Hahaha! Thor can take on Jesus any day of the week!
This question immediately brought to mind this show I saw on the science channel.href="">

The particular episode of interest was actualy just braodcast this morning:

Apr 17, 8:00 am

(60 minutes) Hot Rocks

Geological events have influenced the way humans think about the evolution of the planet. From the birth of Christianity to recent discoveries about the extinction of dinosaurs, geology has played a vital role in the perceptions of our origins.
I've seen this episode and the host does indeed make viable scientific connections between religion and the earths climate and geology. I think its fascinating stuff. you should check it out.
I've got to figure this hyperlink thing out. Sorry. The show is called "Hot Rocks" on the Science Channel.




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