Up and down the coast from BC to California I have left post-its directing the next reader to the bible's contradictions and atrocities.

I will also be writing to the owners/managers of these establishments, complaining that I do not appreciate x-rated, racist, misogynistic, genocidal, child abusing hate literature being impressed upon me.

Even better if this could be a conjoined effort.

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Given that the room does not have any fly swats, I think the purpose of the bibles in the room is clear.
There is actually stickers you can buy at evolvefish.com that you can put on the bibles.
Now there's some useful information to know...thanks!  I'll use them as stocking stuffers for Xmas.
I find it annoying when a motel room has a bible but no phone book or cable guide.

Interestingly enough I can trace the beginning of my transition from Christianity to atheism to a Gideon bible.  It was a long time ago, but I can still remember thinking while I was reading through Genesis, "If he knew what was going to happen in advance, then why did he put the tree there in the first place?"  I never got past that single question.  I kept on reading the bible, (I still do to this day although for vastly different reasons), looking for a new hook to hang my faith on but the more I read, the fewer hooks there seemed to be until finally one day I woke up and realized that I had become an atheist.  Its interesting how unintended consequences work.

The real irony of it is that it was through picking up a different Gideons bible in a different hotel room several years before that which rekindled my interest in my former faith enough to cause me to pick up the one that eventually resulted in my abandonment of those beliefs.


So I say leave 'em in the rooms but the post it notes are cool too.



The Freedom from Religion Foundation provides stickers to place in Gideon Bibles: Gideons Exposed.



I like it, I like it...and only $3 for a dozen!  The Bible-EXPOSED....I love that quaint little way of putting it: Millions of people have been hoodwinked....
Top marks to you!!:) Like it!!


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