Up and down the coast from BC to California I have left post-its directing the next reader to the bible's contradictions and atrocities.

I will also be writing to the owners/managers of these establishments, complaining that I do not appreciate x-rated, racist, misogynistic, genocidal, child abusing hate literature being impressed upon me.

Even better if this could be a conjoined effort.

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What about taking them and then throwing them away? Would it be like taking a towel? Maybe a bad idea if one is paying with credit card. A week ago I went on a trip and found a bible in a drawer, but didn't had time to think what to do with it since I had to plan the next day trip.
hmmm...that or bible boobytrap? Like a mouse trap inside the pages?
I throw them in the trash...I'm sure maids have retrieved them,but my point is made...If the maid is an xtain,so much the better!
That is what I do.  It's not hotel property.  You can do whatever you want with it.
Diego - Throwing away a Bible - besides the moral issue of trashing someone's property - is so immature. It is, of course, counterproductive. I can imagine the conversation: "Wow, I want to become an atheist so I can toss whatever I don't like in the garbage. It' so civil." Actions like these perpetuate our image as a pact of constantly angry, whining malcontents who have nothing better to do than throw Bibles in the trash.

My advice: If someone is offended by a Bible in a drawer then don't open the damn thing.
The bibles (and book of Mormon) are free; they are for you to take if you want.

I don't throw whatever I don't like in the garbage. If I see a bible in someone's home, I don't throw it away. But bibles in hotel rooms perpetuate the idea that it's just expected we are all Christian.
Are you christian? Do you really think it alright to accept that hotels push one particularly fucked up religion on people? No, it isn't. Trash that bullshit.
Hell yes we should throw them away. They are an affront. Where are the other religious texts? Where is the latest book by Dawkins? Why not some intelligent books? If they had a well rounded library it would be a different matter, but that sick book should not be forced on us all. And yes it is forced on us. I don't want to open a drawer and be reminded of that sick excuse for a belief system. The idea that it should be in all hotel rooms is extremely disgusting, it isn't as if you have a choice when you check in. You can request a non-smoking room, but damn it, your room will be christian regardless of what you believe. That is NOT acceptable.

Throw that garbage away! Not in the waste basket in the room, but in the public trash at the next rest stop or airport. If the proselytizing fools who put it there find it more expensive to keep replacing them, then maybe they will stop.
I tell you what they make good papers for joi........cigarettes...
it's true damn you! lol
LOL -- I just posted about how we used to do the same thing in college. ;-) (I didn't think we were the only ones, but I've never actually heard anyone else say it...)
true!! ;)


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