Up and down the coast from BC to California I have left post-its directing the next reader to the bible's contradictions and atrocities.

I will also be writing to the owners/managers of these establishments, complaining that I do not appreciate x-rated, racist, misogynistic, genocidal, child abusing hate literature being impressed upon me.

Even better if this could be a conjoined effort.

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I make a habit of adding my own footnotes countering, refuting or pointing out a particular logical antidote for the diseased passage. In addition I would list several websites like talk origins or debunking Christianity. I used to travel a lot and this was the best way to pass the time. I like to think I might have put at least one person on the path of rational thinking....probably not.
When I was in Japan and also in Thailand, I picked up a couple of those Buddhist texts in hotels. They are all over the place there. I got rid of them a few months ago, though.
I found one in a drawer in a hotel I was staying in for a school event and was all "Whoa. These actually exist?" I opened it and it had a ToC in the front like "Times of conflict page blah, parents died page blah, spousal abuse page blah" It wasn't even a real freakin' bible. I felt violated with the lies.

No Genesis? No Leviticus! No Revelations!?
I take the bible and throw them away somewhere else (if you throw it in the trash can in the room, a god-fearing cleaning person might put it back).

I should write to the managment afterwards and complain about the offensive fanatical religious text in my room (imply I found a Koran in the drawer so the reader gets 'outraged' before realizing what book I'm talking about.) I'm just too lazy to come up with something good.

But throwing bibles away is easy, so I do it.
As for respecting books... I don't put it in the same category.
I dislike romance novels but if somebody left a bodice-ripper in a hotel room I'd leave it in case the next person appreciated it. Obviously the person left it for somebody else to possibly enjoy.

This does not apply to bibles. They are in the same category as flyers. They're intentionally left their to sell the product, in this case, christianity. It's not for the next christian to read as I'm sure they would expect most devout theists to have carried their own bible with them if they really felt the desire/need/obligation.

They are an ad. There's no moral patina attached to throwing out an ad.
Maybe we should start a new campaign. When you book a hotel room ask for a "religion free" room. Explain that you don't want a bible in your room. Maybe it will catch on and when you book rooms on-line they will give you a choice.
I like your idea, Gold Guy. Religion-free is a good way to phrase it.
Yes and if it catches on, I think hotels will just stop putting the garbage in rooms, because I think far fewer will ASK for it. Yet many may ask for it to be removed. It will be easier just not to put them in rooms than to deal with having to remove them.

Now, how do we get this idea rolling? (-: :-)

ps. That is a bi-directional smiley.

This is a bi-polar one :-) :-(
I have an ex-boyfriend who made a habit of ripping particular pages out of hotel Bibles. His favorite was page 69. Then he'd flush it down the toilet. I was never too sure how I felt about it, mostly because I have an instinctual reaction of pain when I see pages being ripped out of a book. Also, some religious nut might think that the "bad" pages were being removed by an overzealous model of chastity. I certainly never stopped him though, and I'll admit he did convince me to help once..... ;)
I usually take it and recycle it. Hopefully it will be remade into something more useful -- like toilet paper.
I hear it was the gideons who put them there, and that it was because hotel rooms are one of the most common places, people kill themselves.
How the hell that would help, I don't know!
True, we should demand they replace them with crisis hot line numbers.




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