house whip sends bible to every member of congress - let's send him all our hotel bibles

steve palazzo sent a bible to every member of congress to help in their decision making.  why don't we send him every bible we reject in every hotel room we stay in and flood his office with them.

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This would be absolutely hilarious if it weren't so frightening.

As a flight attendant, I'm in hotel rooms all the time with access to countless bibles.  If they weren't so expensive to ship, I'd take you up on your suggestion.  However, I have an inkling that if Rep. Palazzo were to receive a barrage of bibles, he'd find just as many suckers on which to easily unload them. 

i wonder if he'd have been as gracious as Rep. Ellixson had he received a copy of the Quran in his congressional mail.  

I think we all know that answer to that. 


I wonder if Rep. Palazzo would charge money for the bibles atheists would send him. He sounds like an opportunist to me. 

guess we were thinking along the same lines.

@ Rep. Steven Palazzo (R-MS),

Genesis. How many people died in the flood of Noah's time? How many babies? Why did your god create humans if it could foresee what was going to happen? How can you, Rep. Palazzo, justify the slaughter of innocents?

Exodus. Why did god send plagues on Egypt that caused the deaths of many people, young and old. How many died because of these miseries? What did it have to gain by all this suffering? How can you, Rep Palazzo, claim your god is a loving god?

Numbers. Your god burned people to death for complaining? Surely, there would have been a punishment that would have death justly with those who  grumbled.  Then your god sent a terrible plague. Where is this god you claim cares about people, Rep. Palazzo? Then your sacred being killed scouts for reporting honestly; what is its problem? Then, to cap off the chapter, your god burned people to death for burning incense. Big deal! Is your god so small and insignificant that it can't stand up to a little competition? Oh! here is another topper, your god killed people for complaining about its killings! Of course, we can't forget the massacre of the Aradies and the Midianites! This abuse of power begins to reveal the scope of his psychosis. 

Deuteronomy. Now, the killings start in earnest, God slowly killed the Israelite army, God hardens King Sihon's heart so all his people can be killed. Og and all the men women, and children in 60 cities lay dead at your god's hands. Let me think, you claim your god is a god of love, peace, forgiveness, and yet the fields lay filled with dead bodies murdered by your supreme being and his minions.  

Joshua. God commands the Jericho massacre, Achan and his family murdered, the Ai massacre. God even stops the sun so Joshua can get his killing spree over during the daylight  hours. Now, there is real generosity! He followed up with five kings killed and hung on trees. Joshua destroyed all that breathed as your god commanded. He isn't done yet, he directs the genocide of twenty cities: there was not any left to breathe. It topped off the slaughter with the Anakim killing and some more giant killing 

Oh! I am getting tired of reading your sacred texts, which are nothing more than a catalog of murder, plunder, rape, and enslavement. How many did your god kill or have killed in total, 2,000,000 or 20,000,000? I lost dead head count long ago and just shudder to think that you want your book of murders be put in the hands of U.S.A Congress people. Shame on you!


Beautiful!  This should actually be sent to the Honorable dickhead. And don't worry - god will be putting out those fires momentarily as soon as she's done counting the collections from church yesterday.

SING it, Joan!  I'll hold him, you hit him!

That's your funniest one yet Loren.

Keep em coming.

Let's have a party! with music, trumpets and drums! Jeez and crackers would taste good. 




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