house whip sends bible to every member of congress - let's send him all our hotel bibles

steve palazzo sent a bible to every member of congress to help in their decision making.  why don't we send him every bible we reject in every hotel room we stay in and flood his office with them.

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Loren, you are dead-on about this. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but here's another quote from Religious Right - The Greatest Threat to Democracy:

"Also, there is a common, shared belief that the United States was deliberately and specifically founded to be a Christian nation, and separation of church and state was only meant to protect Christian churches from government interference in their matters, never to restrict the church from directing the government."

Boy!  Talk about revisionist history!

what we need is a secular version of the Chick tracts - little cartoons to circulate in schools and colleges showing what happens when you really bring back the Middle Ages like Franco did in Spain after  WWII  or the Ustasha did in Croatia in 1941.

Your comment is a good example of why it is important to remember history. I know nothing about Spain and Coatia, so a new adventure begins now, to learn the history of those countries and why they are important to remember in today's political climate.  

For Franco's Spain try Wikipedia "Frankoist Spain;" for Croatia try any of these (Manhattan's is the best and most complete):

Avro Manhattan. The Vatican's holocaust: the sensational account of the most horrifying religious massacre of the 20th century, Springfield, MO (Box 3703, Springfield 65808):Ozark Books, 1986.

The Vatican's Holocaust. ,

Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity: The Vatican and Fascism in the 20th Century.

Is he that guy I heard recently talking about Paul's big speech on Mars Hill? WTF? Someone is going to mention this in modern politics. Without his buybull he would have zero proof of Paul even existing. Let's cater to the Tea Potty and the right wing Republicon.

Why don't somebody get religion out of my politics? Enough already!

Now Congressman Palazzo can sit around with his Republican buddies and compare notes on how to sell their daughters into slavery if they lose their job and need extra cash. They can all hold hands and pray to jebus to return quickly so they can watch him slaughter all the atheist, agnostics, Muslims, Hindus, and anyone else not a Christian but also other Christians that are not their kind of Christian. Like most Christians He's probably never read his book of myth, magic, misogyny and murder.

I recommend sending every member of congress a copy of Darwin's On The Origin Of Species and then quiz them on it afterwards.



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