Houston, first take the cover off the eyepiece

I was mindlessly snooping the web today, trying to give meaning to my life, when I came across this article:

Proof of god. I see a picture of Jesus in my Ebola

Ok, I admit that title isn't really accurate and doesn't convey what the story is about. Still, I thought it funny a vatican "astronomer" would be sitting in front of a microscope. In my mind, that pretty well summed up where the so called "difference of opinion" was orginating regarding fundamentalism.

I'm not even sure what the following means...

"I mean fundamentalists on both sides," he said, "because there are also science fundamentalists. And what is a fundamentalist? It's somebody who is clinging to the fundamentals of their truth because they don't have the confidence or the faith in their faith to be able to say, 'I'm settled, I'm happy with this, let's see where it goes.' Fundamentalism is a sign of fear."

"confidence or the faith in their faith" ??? WTF??? Are we talking about religion, science, or clinically diagnosing schizophrenia now?

Probably the only interesting aspect of this rather dull article is the glaring difference in how theists see the universe, more specifically the god question. Is it really that difficult to understand the fact that recognizing one has no evidence in favor of a proposition does NOT make one an irrational fundamentalist when dismissing that proposition? 

For some odd reason, as I read the article, I imagined a Far Side style cartoon with two golfers on the tee. The one, a clergyman says to the other, clearly a scientist, "Whoops, topped another drive, that's good for a gimmee, eh? I guess I won that round too." 

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I agree that religious people do not know the difference between science and belief. Too often they tell you about a scientist who is also a strong believer in Jesus, etc. This just does not happen when the scientist is an evolutionary biologist. Perhaps their "strong believer" teachs science class in high school or college somewhere. There is a difference.

Confidence or the faith in their faith. That's a good one. Some believers claim that to be an atheist they would have to have more faith than what they have now. It means they need their safety net. I've even heard of believers claiming that you have faith that a ball will drop from your hand to the ground. Wrong! This is not faith. It is a demonstrable fact. It will drop to the ground every time. Anything accomplished by "faith" may not ever repeat itself. If this happens (and it usually does) believers simply say "you didn't have enough faith."  LMAO here.

The Bible defines faith as "the essence of things hoped for and evidence of things not seen." It's much easier for me to say that faith is believing something that deep down you know is not so. Mark Twain thought so, and I do too. Faith is a catch phrase for bullshit. Every believer has a different "faith."

My dates might not be totally accurate here as it is from memory. In 1537 Martin Luther "protested" and pulled away from the Catholic Church. People have been doing this ever since. Today I understand that there are 33,000 different Christian denominations. How does this work? If you dissagree with one just pull away from it like Luther did and you can start another one. Everyone else does.

The problem is that theists thinks that they can change the definition they are using of a word and it still is the same thing.  So to say that we have faith in gravity is using the word with a different definition then when talking about religious faith.  Same thing with the word believe.




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