I just saw the member count (6283). I forgot how i found this place. I just did a google search for "atheist forum", and it wasn't in the first two pages. Is there an ad somewhere promoting this site? I'm kind of curious about how i stumbled on it. Was i just browsing ning? Maybe. Well, here's an update; i have 15 minutes to edit right? I just searched "atheist networking", and it was on the bottom of the first page. Maybe that was it.

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I linked to it from some other atheist site--I forgot which one. That's not very helpful, is it?
I read about it on an atheist forum, then I visited A|N, I liked it and I signed up.
As did I... A woman \on Atheist Moms (even though I'm not a mom.) mentioned it.
Stumbleupon is responsible for the massive sudden site growth. See -

Stumbled across it through google. There actually used to be a message board called agnosticforums.com that was very active and had been around for a while, then one day just disappeared. I believe that I found this site while searching for what happened to AF.
I stumbled upon a christian social site by accident and googled atheist social network as a semi joke/wish.

At first I was turned off by the color scheme, but then I read all of the bloggers and forumites (after a bit of an eye adjustment) and I felt that they were very smart, and had similiar characteristics to me.

Two things that are quite refreshing: #1 There were alot more female atheists than I thought. #2 There seems to be a general sense of non prejudiceness. Anyone Gay, Black, White, from across the world can join this site with no guilt trip whatsoever.

Even though I was completely off on January, the people still read and listen to my blogs. I'm growing to the groups section alot too, I feel like I'm getting smarter joining this website.
I searched for "feminist atheists", and behold!
I found AN on RichardDawkins.net.
People were talking about AN there when the site first started.
Is the site growing fast enough to sustain itself?
I wandered in here via a Humanist website though I forget which one.
I discovered it through one of the blogs on the Atheist Blogroll (it had one of those handy, eyecatching widgets on the sidebar). There are more than 600 blogs on the AB and I have a habit of just randomly checking them out as it scrolls around (in addition to reading my favorites) so I'm afraid I can't recall which one it was I first discovered AN on.




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