We have members from both hemispheres and countless countries, but I start discussions on topics relevant to the US. I'd really like to hear from members outside of the US too. What's happening? How are you doing? What's bothering you or what are you celebrating?

How U doin today?

We're not a US ghetto, enrich us by sharing your lives too please.

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Hang in there, baby! Sounds more challenging than a routine riot at the bowling alley among Thursday night's Jersey league teams between the Sopranos and their cousins!

love to hear stories from around the world.... especially from non western English speaking countries- our news just doesn't cover them.... :)

Well i live in Bhutan, small, peaceful and so to say religious country. All bhutanese are religious and believe in reincarnation and rebirth. Perhaps i may be the only one who is a atheist. People hear seem to pray, go to get blessings from lamas(buddhist priest) spending lot of money and are very supersticious. I sometimes wonder why people are so crazy about getting blessigs. Perhaps this may br the case, bhutanese are greedy and want to get more of anything. We can observe quarrel among the family members regarding the division of property, corruption, favoritism and a lot of other un ethical deeds.

Right now small and peaceful sounds idyllic compared to a lot of other places on

Earth, even with family quarrels, favoritism, corruption, and superstition. *sigh*

I need to see how things are going around here. I haven't heard anything so much about the Occupy movement in Japan. However, a local shop owner is active in protesting against nuclear power. During the winter, winds from Fukushima prefecture come down the mountainside to our prefecture. Though it is not enough really to bother adults, those with pets and small children worry about how much they should allow them outside.

On a personal note, I am doing a lot of studying in addition to teaching at my school. I used to post videos and had just begun to, when the earthquake et al occurred. It was from then, that I'd decided to wean myself from YT for awhile, and get a reality check. I am considering uploading a few simple videos again, with the backdrop of sites around my local area.... Like grapplinginnocence, I decline to show myself. I have no fear of retribution from Japan or my company I'm contracted through, but if I teach in the States, later on, I need to protect my identity. Sadly...

So not many people worry about radiation in the food then? How are the school children taking all of this? Personally I would have nightmares about the far-from-controlled nuclear accident upwind, even if everybody maintained a calm demeanor during the daytime. But I tend to be 2 standard deviations above normal for fear.


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