The Dawkins scale:

I am a 6 but for the Abrahamic god I am a 7,

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I've said it before ... multiple times ... and will say it again:

There Are NO Gods.

Sounds like a 7 to me.

Yeah, I'm a 7 too.  The whole idea of a god just makes no rational or logical sense.  There's actually nothing in our current knowledge that would indicate otherwise.  In fact the more we learn, the more unlikely and prosperous the existence of a god becomes.  A good skeptic keeps an open mind, but in this case there's absolutely nothing tangible in which to keep an open mind.  For me, it's case closed. 


I just realized that I wrote 'unlikely and prosperous' instead of 'unlikely and preposterous'.

Makes a big difference!    


A solid 7 up to and including myself as a Hitchens anti-theist.


I'm an eight.

Extremist!  [grin!]

I'm an eight.

Congratulations! In this community of mere "7"s and thereabout, you, sir, are athiest! [sic]

(I knew that misspelling would be good for something sometime.)

I'm like the original poster: it's clear that the gods of conventional religions -- powerful supernatural beings that have an interest in human beings, that answer prayers, that give rules and rewards and punishments, and that don't hide from sincere seekers -- exist only as (increasingly unsupportable) ideas in the minds of humans. Many other characters, such as Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, James Bond, the Geico gecko, Harry Potter, James T. Kirk, and the Tooth Fairy, have a similar existence. Adults generally don't seriously claim those characters to be real.

If there happened to be some god "out there" that's invisible and undetectable, with no effect on the universe, acknowledging that god would make no difference. (An undetectable god couldn't even communicate desired forms of worship, or rules to be obeyed!) There would still be no reason to not live by humanist principles.

(See Victor Stenger's God: The Failed Hypothesis.)

Invisible, undetectable and having no effect on the universe sounds like the definition of "nothing" to me.  If god is all those things, then god is nothing.  What is the purpose of acknowledging nothing? 




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