The Dawkins scale:

I am a 6 but for the Abrahamic god I am a 7,

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Definitely a 7

The seventh step does not need you to assert that yo know that god does not exist. It is an accurate statement of atheist position that an atheists is certain that god does not exist. Knowing that god does not exist will need empirical evidence which we all know is not possible. A negative cannot be disproved. A position of certainty can be achieved, as Thomas Huxley said, using logic, of course aided by scientific support. We have so much scientific support today as we never had before. Logic is at its strongest and it should be possible to take a position of certainty on the existence or otherwise on the subject of god. I am therefore a 7/7 atheist.

Perhaps I'm being pedantic, but I see a difference between being sure and being certain.  I'm sure that gods don't exist -- sure enough that I'd bet my life on it.  Certainty, at least to me, implies an absolute, and I think that absolutes are imaginary constructs.


7. for certain. No need for an explanation on why. The idea of God is pure influence of the human imagination. 

A very succinct answer.  I agree.  There's nothing really to discuss.  Any talk about god is pure conjecture from our imagination. 

I don't believe in God. I can't proove that God doesn't exist, but a theist can't present any real acceptable evidence that he does exist either. The statement 'God exists' is unfalsifiable. According to my thinking, that means that God does not exist. I am a 7! 



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