Things you must know before reading this: I have Aspergers myself and am not restrained in what I say.

I've talked about killing people that deserve it many, MANY a time.

So, to start off, Autism, or more precisely Aspergers, can make you different. In three ways at least.

1. Obsession with Subjects you may like(TV shows, games, etc.)

2. Wanting to be different even in the face of impossible odds(I happen to probably be the one person on the face of the earth who doesn't like Hunger Games.)

3. And the last is intelligence that is overaverage.

Only one factor contributes directly to Atheism. That is #2. Wanting to be different in the face of impossible odds. impossible being the sheer number of people in the world with a god or gods.

So if you want a nigh-sure way to become an atheist hope you've got this.

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I like you man... check this!!!

and yeah huger games is crap

Thank you! Check that out, too. I attempted to share on Facebook to piss off my Christian friends(I RELISH AN ARGUMENT!) but a little window popped up that was "Untitled". 

SO SAD :( 

Anyway, thanks again!

Jarrett I dont like Hunger Games either. I also obsess on things I like.... No comment on my IQ. Maybe Im autistic? That might explain a few things.... But I do restrain myself much of the time.

Dont get into trouble Buddy. Find a way to express yourself without threats, if you can. Threats will hurt you and others.




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