How big of fans of marriage do nontheists in general tend to be?

After carefully reviewing California's Battery, Domestic Violence, & Rape statutes, I have discovered that if I get married and my wife throws me in the doghouse for longer than I think I deserve to be in there, she can actually criminalize me. I will NEVER have the thousands of American dollars that divorce costs. Getting married in Orange County, California is quite INexpensive: $28 for a non-sectarian civil ceremony at the Clerk-Recorder's office. But divorce, as it does anywhere, costs THOUSANDS.

Years ago I used to attend local atheist meetings in my area. There, it was like everyone was married except me, widows, & widowers. (Most of the other attendees were ages 60-74). So if I seek a partner who admits her nontheism freely, is she less likely to demand marriage than a Christian woman?

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I don't know about other atheist women, but I know that when I was married and had young children, there were no institutions that would stand up for the children or me when we were knocked around, had black eyes and broken bones. The family expected me to stay and take it. The doctors gave me sedatives, the psychiatrists focused on teaching me how to not "rile" my husband, the religious community expected me to obey and submit and if I didn't I had a beating coming and so did the kids. 

That is no longer true. 

However, that said, I am not into marriage because I found it do stifling, I don't want to ever do that again. If you want to meet a woman of the right age, get on the internet and let your desires be known. They will surely come to such a smart guy as you. And they might even be fun partners. 

" I've known plenty of christians who think the bible rules are for other people, not them."

Oh! so true!

I have no data but I think marriage is pretty much universal. Just because you want to find a woman who is a non-believer does not assure you that she will not divorce you. Research the concept of common law also as that does not apply in every state.

I am currently doing my own divorce and it will cost me $225 for a filing fee. I have agreed to give my wife $15,000 and some tell me I can fight that with an attorney. How right they are. The attorney would then announce that he has her agreeing to $10,000 and all will be fine once I pay him his $5,000 fee. No thanks. I love my wife more than the attorney.

Other idiots tell me often that she is not my wife because it's going on 3 years that we have not lived together. Of course, what they are referring to is the fact that we are not having sex. Try using that excuse if I suddenly died and she would legally inherit. It won't work. People just want to devil you in some way.

In your search for a significant other remember that 2 can live as cheaply as one if one of them does not eat. Good luck.

This thread pops up every time I Google myself. It wasn't deleted when I deleted my previous account with the intent of taking a break. I just got done researching the concept of common-law marriage in my state. My state is not among the few that recognize common-law marriages, so I'm in luck if I find myself in a cohabiting romance for 7-10+ years then it suddenly goes sour.

You look young in your picture. A young woman might have been cutting out wedding dress pictures since she was eight, and not want to give up the opportunity to use one. But then,a younger atheistic woman might not have bought in to the mystic expectations of a perfect wedding followed by a perfect honeymoon. One way to find out? Ask.

My wife and I have been married 55 years.  I'm an Atheist, and she describes herself as a Unitarian.  But I have a question;  You aren't even married, and you're already considering divorce costs.  Why?  I always thought people got married hoping it would last forever.  You seem to be going on the theory that marriage is supposed to end in divorce.  If that is your belief, why get married?  Just live together until your tired of each other.

It sounds to me as though you are trying to get some free sex with a marriage license yet hesitate because of the cost of divorce. 

Question, does anyone ring your bells? make our knees get wobbly? or someone you want to be with for the rest of your life? 

Or, do you have sexual itches that need to be satisfied twice a week and you are trying to find someone to scratch that itch, and not wanting to make a commitment?

Or, do you want a sex partner that won't take action if you hit her when she doesn't do what you say?

Or, do you want be with a woman who is fully equal to you, someone who can talk through conflicts and problems, and you share mutual respect? 

Decide what you want and then either go for the lady of the night or wait until the bells and whistles ring and you want to spend the rest of your life with her. 

I guess I forgot to link these two videos: 1:06 - 1:13 0:32 - 0:38

The timepoints I place to the right of the URLs indicate where the OVERbroadness of my state's battery law are spelt out by the attorneys in the videos. I can't have a romantic prospect getting scared and losing interest in me just because she decided to Google me and found this thread. I want everyone who eventually reads this thread to understand & believe that I NEVER have hit someone when they didn't do what I say, and I NEVER will.

A contested divorce can get expensive as the couple hire attorneys and argue over who gets the children, the house, other property.

One couple cut their costs by using a free mediation service to settle who would get the pinball machine and  other small stuff. With that decided, they did the rest in court. They seemed happy and neither spoke of a church or religion.

My first post to this forum was some time ago. My wife and I have now been divorced over 2 years and I did it all myself very much like I said in my other post previously. All a person has to do to self-represent is follow directions. Of course, we also had no children together. Some states will not let you self-represent if you have children.




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