If you're like me, you're a bit tired of hearing this question, and really tired of answering it.

I was just watching an old Bill Maher clip when he once again reminded me that (at least on his good days) if there were any gods anywhere, he could be a contender.

There was a rather strange question he read, "How do you think an atheist president would affect foreign policy in the US?"

Bill said "Well, atheists tend to be ethicists. We don't think goodness should be anything but for the sake of itself. We don't think our ass is going to get saved because we have faith. We have to actually make our ethics in this world. So I would think it would be good."

It might be a short answer, but it sure makes the point.

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I would turn the question around: How can you be good WITH god, most specifically the god of the bible?  Considering that we're talking about a vain, narcissistic, angry, irrational and apparently not very smart god, even though he may be omni-everything with a cherry on top, his penchant for murder, disregard for women and irrational hatred of homosexuals makes any morality based on his words or actions questionable at best and ludicrous at worst.

So Why Listen To Him?

Would that the world felt the same. There wouldn't even have to be a word for "atheist." 

Bertold, your remark inspires me.

If freethinking writers were to cooperate, dictionaries in a few years will say:

1) the words "theist" and "fool" are synonyms, and

2) the word "atheist" is an archaic form for "not a fool".

It can work. LGBT folk cooperated and cyberspace now tells us that "santorum" is more than the name of a former US senator from Pennsylvania.

The Catholics used to use a term I thought was offensive even when I was in grade school - "non-Catholic." Sort of like calling someone a "non-Republican." When you get down to it, why should we be named for what we're not? Why not call religionists "non-realists" instead?

It's another way of saying THEY are not US ... and at the extreme level, you and I both know that the first step in dealing with opposition is to dehumanize the other side.

Yep, primitive tribalism at it's best. When they finally decide there IS climate change because their pointed hats are on fire, you know we'll be the cause of it.

Do tinfoil hats catch fire?

ALUMINUM foil....I don't think it does catch fire.  People line their outdoor grills with the stuff.

I was thinking the same thing. :) 

When I first started having doubts about my religion, I was so amazed when I encountered other people who had the same exact thoughts I had. Now I realize it's not so amazing. Yahweh debunks himself so thoroughly all we have to do is notice. :)

>Yahweh debunks himself so thoroughly all we have to do is notice. :)

This should be on a billboard too!

YES! YES! YES!  Hey! you ... o dear, I am having trouble finding words this morning. 

You know what I mean, the computer art programmers who can make a jewel of this:

Yahweh debunks himself so thoroughly all we have to do is notice

I like Dan Barker's term for the insecure, demanding, jealous Abrahamic god...she/he/it is "omni-aqueous." 

All wet.


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