When a high school atheist---Damon Fowler in Louisiana---wanted to stop prayer at his graduation (because it is not, after all, constitutional), he was harassed, ostracised, demeaned, pilloried, threatened; and his spiteful parents kicked him out of the house. 

Helpfully, the atheist community stepped in.

Read the detailed article by Greta Christina at

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I wonder which Christian virtue they are espousing? Tolerance? Love thy neighbor? Are they cherry picking again?
When they preach about tolerance, what they really mean is that everyone else should tolerate them, not the other way around. When it comes to tolerating the beliefs of others, they generally forget the "love thy neighbor as thyself" part of Jesus' teaching.

How can it happen?  Because precedent was set for this sort of conduct in Oklahoma a few years ago. Read the case of Nadia Smalkowski, a high school student in Hardesty, Texas County, Oklahoma.  After announcing she was an atheist, she was thrown off the basketball team, harassed at school by students and officials, and her father was falsely charged with a crime and put on trial based upon statements the prosecutor knew to be perjury.  Reminds me of a line in the play, Inherit the Wind.  "Fanaticism and ignorance are forever busy, and needs feeding."  


It's like Whack-A-Mole with the true believers.  Knock one them down, and two pop up somewhere else to spit venom and spew poison.

Oh, gee, christ-tards are vicious,nasty humans. Who knew?

the town should be taken over by the state and most of its citizens including the parents should be in jail for terrorism!

the whole damn town is acting against the constitution and should be put down!

Your notion that the state might do the moral thing is touching, if unrealistic.

does this kid have a place to live?

is he O.K.?

is he with intelegent and rational people now?


just read everything about this.

wow....the rational community really got together on this one.

how many more like this go unnoticed?

how many people really suffer as a result of this kind of terrorism?

We are more ethical and compassionate than Xtians -- read how we (Atheists) helped Damon out when he was in need.

"But when Damon Fowler was suffering and in need, the atheist community stepped up. It provided compassion. It demanded justice. It offered emotional support. It offered practical support. It opened its wallets. It made it unassailably clear to Damon Fowler that he was not alone: that although his school, his community, even his parents, had all turned their backs on him, atheists would take care of him, as best they could, until he could take care of himself. It made it clear that, even though he no longer had a home in Bastrop, he had a home in this movement. When Damon Fowler was suffering and in need, the atheist community proved itself to be a real community."

At the very least the parents should be arrested under child endangerment laws. Kicking your son out of the house when physical threats have been made to his person should surely fall into this category. If not, you would think that there is enough evidence to charge them with child abandonment.

I love going back to the friendly atheist blog and seeing the donation amount climb each time I visit.


On a less happy note, it sucks that atheists have to get metaphorically kicked in the face when presenting their views...




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