When a high school atheist---Damon Fowler in Louisiana---wanted to stop prayer at his graduation (because it is not, after all, constitutional), he was harassed, ostracised, demeaned, pilloried, threatened; and his spiteful parents kicked him out of the house. 

Helpfully, the atheist community stepped in.

Read the detailed article by Greta Christina at

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The Friendly Atheist provides a link exemplifying how easily Xian fundamentalists lie to oppress women. Vision Forum’s Distortion: A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
His parents kicked him out? You are right. That is downright hard to accept as real. That his fellow hi schoolers are being petty and clicking is not at all hard to accept. But his parents kicking him out? Damn.

I am presently at work and can't watch this. However it is no. one on my to do list to each asap.

This is lunacy! I'm glad to hear that he's well albeit probably traumatized. Many christians in this country seem to have this weird sense of entitlement like they should be able to ignore the constitution when they see fit. I think it's probably because they're under the false assumption that the US is a "christian" nation. I wonder if they would have reacted the same way if Damon had proposed everyone say a Sanskrit prayer or a prayer from the Qu'ran instead of omitting the prayer entirely. Something tells me not much would have been different.
Well, for a lot of christian families and communities, it is The G-man before anyone, country, friends, even family. They see atheism as an afront to their buddy in the sky and flip out at anything "persecuting" their ability to shout it from the mountainside, so to speak.

Having been raised only a state away from this place, knowing the mindset of the communities as they are, I am saddened but not surprised, really.
Hypocrisy, 'nuff said
Key word - America.
Before I was indifferent towards religious people, now adays I find myself hating them. :/

Here's an update piece on The Friendly Atheist with an interview of Damon and his brother Jarrett.

Interview With Damon and Jarrett


I wish Damon good luck with college and getting settled down in Texas.  Kudos to his brother and sister for stepping up and being there for him like family should be. I still think his parents should at least be charged with child endangerment.

His parents suck.  They ought to be charged with something, because that is beyond cruel.  I can't believe they were very good parents all along if they would do that.  Kudos Damen and his brother for being  much better human beings than their parents are.


I'm glad he's safe now and going to be okay. 

This is worthy of putting somewhere public lol..


"She tells me that I’ve gotten too smart and that because of that I have turned my back on God."



This happens because the sheeple love to have a pariah to victimize. It's the American way to loathe the "odd man out", no matter what the subject is but especially religion.
Is anyone really surprised? America in theory is wonderful. America in practice over the last few hundred years has been exactly this type of thing for various groups.



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