Yes indeed,how can we support each other beyond borders is a real question for people like me who have recently embraced atheism and are in societies which are not only predominantly religious,but seek to suppress free thinkers in a systematic manner that on the surface of it does not seem so,until you are physically affected,can you understand the psychological and emotional damage it can  cause.So that is why i am seeking support from everyone on atheist nexus.I shall detail specifics if when interest is shown in this regard.

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Hi Verne,
I am pleased to know that you cared to view and actually reply to my post.Of course,i have been very selective,i have at least five reliable friends that we share the conviction with.The main issue is economic suppression when they discover that you are non-religious,if you are in business,they make sure they sabotage it in any way possible because they know that financially incapacitated,you could keep the conviction to yourself,or even renounce your new found freedom from the grandest fallacy in human history.At the moment,i am pursuing a career as a CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE.I am currently in module three but i have been having difficult to pay for my last module because,the business of selling second hand motor spares i was doing collapsed for the same reason i gave earlier.And especially that our economy is a third-world one,it makes things worse.So really,i would appreciate any kind of help.You can advise me if you want specifics of the type of help at the moment,otherwise i wait to hear from you,thank you.
ok,thanks for the tipi will do just that.
Hello Verne,
Hi again,i hope you are fine.I am fine.
Well,i posted a reply to you in relation to your concern for my request for help on"How can we support each other beyond borders", and tried to give my personal e-mail so you could ask me specifically what kind of help you could render.I have not received a reply.If it is still okay with you,i still ask for the help.
I did say briefly that the problem is economic suppression when those people in charge,who are religious know that you are atheist,try by all means to oppress you.I personally was running a business of selling second hand motor spares,it collapsed and i have been having difficult to pay for my course.I am currently pursing CISCO CERTIFIED NETWORK ASSOCIATE.So please it is my humble request to your rational and human self to rescue me.
I am at least ashamed that i have had to ask for help on this forum which is supposed to be exclusive to intellectual discussion.Bear with me,thank you.
Well,thank you Verne anyway for taking time to listen.For now really,i can not ask anymore.


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