Since we humans are capable of perceive only 4 dimensions.

Could it be possible the existence of other dimensional entities?

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Capable of perceiving space and time.

It is not that human beings have perceived the four dimensions. Four dimensions have emerged from the scientific study of our universe and there is no fifth dimension existing in the universe itself, so there is no question of perceiving a fifth dimension.

This topic could be related to quantum physics, in which some believers in the afterlife seek basis.

LOL... sighhh.... blind faith is it's own dimenstion; how'd desousa say it "cosmic drama" that he's so proud to sell to the uneducated. next thing you know fundies will be saying the internet is the devil and should be censored or shut down... I mean, generations to come will seek their knowledge from a. the net
and b. the pesky encyclopedias w/the column on atheists...? even more fun is the 'distasters' section of certain encyclopedias. all those dates of earthquakes, fire, storms etc.. floods.. and we're still here! haaaa

education is a dimension in itself as well, payce!

that's a Bryce dimension... I taught myself. I had no teacher.
as for a reality dimension.. try the 50's - 60's.. that was a dimension of shame indeed
he'd tell you about it indeed:

Ken Loukinen along with Ellen Johnson and other American Atheists made his dream come through
it's a remembrance thing:




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