By posting a lot? Being active? Just logging in for certain amounts of time? Any info would help, thanks.

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Thanks Andrea, I've already made a couple of posts, and since I'll usually log in everyday, hopefully I'll get my spot on the top members list as well, in time.
Always do- I like discussion.

I think that there should be no competition for being a top member. There is no point in heaping replies on replies. I am a bit distressed to add that this seems to be actually happening sometimes. Every member participating in a discussion should ensure that his reply is relevant to the subject and is of substance.


I happened to discover myself as top member about twice and I was surprised myself.      I guess my blog posts were the main reason.  

What exactly would you do with the distinction of being the 'top member'? Is this a talent contest? I joined to share ideas and converse with other open minded people. Competing for top member of an atheist forum seems to trivialize the site. Ever been to a church of any denomination and see how easy it is to pick out the preachers pets? You know, the ones in the front row with the best suits and the sanctimonious grins who only speak to, or respond to, those top members who are worthy of their acknowledgement? If Atheist Nexus is just another congregation of tiers then perhaps I came to the wrong place.

What exactly would you do with the distinction of being the 'top member'?

It was not my intention, it was an unexpected surprise.   But I appreciated the notoriety, because my main reason to join AN is my search for a likeminded partner.  


"my main reason to join AN is my search for a likeminded partner."

Seems this is a matchmaking site too!


AN has a group 'Atheist Singles' with 1084 members......

Let's not say likeminded. Let's say unlikeminded atheists. I want to see differences among us. It is necessary for my war. To me for you too. Every citizen of every country has different points of views. I need different point of views. A part of yours may be. Not others' yet. They seem flat minded.


If you want to see differences among us then we here at AN gurantee you full satisfaction! Join us and add to our differences.

You need to put on a chicken suit and eat nothing but KFC for a month.


   I love it!  The real point is community.  Every time something becomes competative some of the original purpose is lost. 

   I'm happy just to be a part of it.





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