By posting a lot? Being active? Just logging in for certain amounts of time? Any info would help, thanks.

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I had barely noticed the top members section. I had no idea we accumulated points or anything nor do I care. I come here for friendship and sanity. We all share a common interest and from what I have seen so far, we are able to control ourselves and behave, as a matter of fact, I don't think I have ever seen a forum, blog or comment posting site that has been as friendly as here. And I like it. No flaming arguments just adults discussing.

I would not like to see this site become a competition nor a radical debate site. Please don't let it end up like the R&S section of Yahoo Answers.

@ Jeremy, cute reply.

I agree Sandi, and I did not know there was a "top" member section. Competition does not ring my bells, I like ideas, responses, different points of view, and I welcome disagreements ... something good comes out of them over time unless there are personal attacks. 

There's a reason a lot of credible forums remove post counts and "leader boards", often they don't reflect quality content and get turned into vehicles to feed attention seekers who basically flood forums and groups with meaningless platitudes and non-contributory comments, …just to see their own face.

It's called "post whoring", …and it's benign on the surface, but it eats away at the quality and credibility of a site, and it is discourteous as hell.

Same thing with "like" links, …just meaningless fluff that serves no purpose but can cause problems.

ditto.  I would "like" this but (a) it's not possible and (b) that would be a bit ironic.  I prefer to see the site promoting thoughtful and interesting discussions and also fun.

I like this post, because it conveys meaning as well as opinion. Not just because it's in agreement with my position. This is the thing, I don't need empty affirmation or give it any value, critical affirmation I value as much as critical negation. At least they both contribute something to the dialog.

I like fun too, but …I would like to be able to kill-file those who make the tracking features on this site less useful. It doesn't take long deduce that some people (very few usually) have nothing to contribute other than platitudes.

Another useful option would be the ability to filter out certain groups groups as well.

Thanks for the kill-file link. 

like links can be helpful because it is a recommendation.  not everyone wants to post but with like they can still bump something. 

"like links can be helpful because it is a recommendation."

It (like "status") doesn't need to be in the "Top News - Everything" feed on the left hand side. Or, at least the ability to block those who may "like" nothing but frivolous forum fluff… feel me?

I'd rather see actual content in the feed, or at least have that choice to be able to filter out crap.

keep posting comments

It's meaningless anyway.

Just an annoying stat.

I for one wish this type of thing was done away with, it's juvenile.

"I for one wish this type of thing was done away with, it's juvenile."

Please consider this.




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