Just read this on Alternet.  While I didn't suffer the trauma that some of my friends and family including my wife from the toxic bull shit of religion it did bring back my contempt for the people who push it.


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I have a lot of contempt for the people who push it and if they start their magic with me I don't hesitate to tell them so.

Here's another strange bible truth.  Adam named all the animals in Genesis 2:20 apparently in just one day. Here was a newly created man with a fully developed brain, so much so that a lot of these species were named in Latin, a language that had not come along yet at this time. Adam was quite a miracle within himself because of his superior education.

If I'm wrong then we must have re-named the animals at some later time for some reason.

I think it's preposterous but modern apologetics does a different take on it wanting you to believe yet more invented and bizarre tales.

Umm...He's been watching me masturbate?

Crap, this is going to take my neuroses to a whole 'nother level.

I love this pic!




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