How Creationists in Texas Are Pressuring Schoolbook Publishers to Bring God into Biology

"Texas is the largest purchaser of public school textbooks. Because publishers do not want to publish different textbooks around the US, they look toward Texas for what they will be including in the new books each year. As goes Texas, goes the nation.

"This can be bad news if special interest groups such as the misleadingly named group, Educational Research Analysts (ERA), get their way. ERA is a creationist lobbying group that stood firmly against the 2013 decision to introduce evolution into Texas classrooms."

Can you imagine adults standing "firmly against the 2013 decision to introduce evolution into Texas classrooms"? 

These folks aren't playing around, they mean business. The consequences are children raised on Creationist principles and Intelligent Design who come into adulthood unprepared for the world of the 21st century. Bronze Age principles for the age of nuclear weapons just does not make any sense. Having a feel-good religion does not trump having a know-what-is-happening mentality. 

Non-believers just simply have to speak up and stand up on principle. 

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I agree fully, and especially like your next to last paragraph. We cannot raise children on creationist principals in the world of the 21st century. It makes no sense at all, and gets much worse when you understand that this is what they want for our public schools. If you belong to the Church of the Left Handed Dinosaur teach these things privately. You have no right to subject me or my family to your warped beliefs. Government also has no right to step in and enforce any of this just because the fundies cried foul. I'm seeing patterns here in which extreme fundamentalist groups are taking measures to step in and their envolvement exceeds that of the 50's and 60's. Politicians seem to go along just to get the vote.

Oh yes! Do you post on Facebook? This statement needs to be read by my family and friends who are not atheists. I assume you have the same desire to get this message to a wider audience. 

Our families may object to our atheism, and if all they hear are our single voice, they will think the atheists are a small, unfocused, powerless lot. As atheism grows, more will doubt, question, take a peek into the scary idea of no god and discover a beautiful way to live a life. 

Thanks for your comment! 

I have nothing to do with Facebook at all, but (as usual) you can post of quote all or any part of what I have said here. Only in being open this way will we get our message out.

Thanks Michael, I posted your comment on Facebook.

What would they actually teach? Don't they have to draft a curriculum with supporting references, etc?

It seems so bizarre that something which quite obviously will be without foundation can even be considered in education. Guess that they aren't in the least bit interested in education and it is just indoctrination.

Observing with a morbid curiosity from South African although I believe that some of the people preaching ID have invaded here from the US. I guess I hope it doesn't succeed there because then we will have the same threat here in due course.

What is taught has little to do with real education, and very much to do with indoctrination. I once saw a picture in an American text book of general Eisenhour and the United Nations troops invading on D-day. While it may be true that the nations had united in a war effort as allies, there was no United Nations then as we know it today. The caption under the picture was totally wrong. Not only does the picture decieve in a mistaken idea of a fully formed United Nations, it also decieves in the idea that general Eisenhour was the head of this elite multi-national defense force.

This is the same deception that the christians will cause in the classrooms with ID being introduced, or in bringing god into biology classes. Bronze age myths do not need to be taught as education, and especially in public education. Watch carefully because they are crafty and will be bringing this into South Africa as well. The stategy is simple. Once the myths are accepted in any part of the world they can use this to explain why they should be accepted in other countries. Eventually you have these myths in school systems all over the world. This is the real reason why religion and politics should never mix.

Michael, I posted this on Facebook as well. 

Thanks, Joan. Good work.

This sounds absolutely scary! part of the problem is stupid politicians. Check this video out to see what i mean.

Sorry to burst the bubble... But it isn't just children with the problem.

Texas is backward. And it has incredible power. Being such a large state, Texas curriculum decisions case textbook makers to change the books, whether it is correct or not. That's capitalism for you.

Remember that because of their money, those idiotic ideas might show up in textbooks in your state, too.




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