How Creationists in Texas Are Pressuring Schoolbook Publishers to Bring God into Biology

"Texas is the largest purchaser of public school textbooks. Because publishers do not want to publish different textbooks around the US, they look toward Texas for what they will be including in the new books each year. As goes Texas, goes the nation.

"This can be bad news if special interest groups such as the misleadingly named group, Educational Research Analysts (ERA), get their way. ERA is a creationist lobbying group that stood firmly against the 2013 decision to introduce evolution into Texas classrooms."

Can you imagine adults standing "firmly against the 2013 decision to introduce evolution into Texas classrooms"? 

These folks aren't playing around, they mean business. The consequences are children raised on Creationist principles and Intelligent Design who come into adulthood unprepared for the world of the 21st century. Bronze Age principles for the age of nuclear weapons just does not make any sense. Having a feel-good religion does not trump having a know-what-is-happening mentality. 

Non-believers just simply have to speak up and stand up on principle. 

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Sorry to burst the bubble... But it isn't just children with the problem.

Texas is backward. And it has incredible power. Being such a large state, Texas curriculum decisions case textbook makers to change the books, whether it is correct or not. That's capitalism for you.

Remember that because of their money, those idiotic ideas might show up in textbooks in your state, too.

Dan D you are exactly correct. This is the sort of thing we have to fight.



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