How Did the GOP So Anger Its Base That They Rebelled And Voted for Trump?

Remember, the Tea Parties attacked the GOP establishment in 2008, years before Trump campaigned against them. How did the GOP anger its base and when did they anger them?

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First of all, keep in mind that the ORIGINAL TEA Party was a reaction against taxes (Taxed Enough Already), and it was initially grass roots ... until the Koch brothers decided they could co-opt it and leverage them against the establishment – you know, what they now call Republicans In Name Only – and radicalize the party to the point where they were willing to listen to the likes of Grover Norquist and his No New Taxes pledge, particularly in the face of a black man in the White House.  Historically, the GOP is supposed to be about fiscal conservatism, but ALSO about fiscal responsibility, a trait which was violated by the Norquist initiative.

Then Romney was taken to the cleaners in 2012.  In theory, Republicans should have taken stock and understood where they had gone wrong, but they were stymied by the introduction of a rogue element: one Donald John Trump, who had name recognition, popularity, and maverick cred like John McCain couldn't dream of.  Trump tapped into a heretofore unrecognized resource within the party: disaffected white supremacist voters.  Add them to those who were pissed off about Hillary Clinton and delete those Democrats and independents who wouldn't vote for her for similar if superficial reasons and you have the 10-point cluster-fuck which was the 2016 election.

What the GOP did at that point is ridiculously simple: they grabbed a hold of the tiger and hung on for dear life, which is what they are largely doing to this day, with odd exceptions like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker, both of whom are leaving their posts rather than hanging around and attempting to continue their confrontation with the current chief executive (presuming either of them could be reelected).

Keep something in mind: the Republicans lost twice to a black man, their mid-term victories notwithstanding, and that is a major-league embarrassment.  More than ANYTHING, the powers-that-be  AND the rank-and-file of the of the Republican Party Wanted To Win ... and they didn't care how.  Now, because of what they've done, they are more vulnerable than ever before.  Why?  Because once Donald Trump is removed from the presidency, they will be in the position of being utterly RUDDERLESS.  They will have abandoned the core principles of their party in favor of clutching on to someone for the sole purpose of WINNING.  Trump is a one-off and unlikely to be duplicated in any serious form, and with his departure, their desperation becomes blatantly obvious, never mind the whole ends-and-means business.  The credibility of the Republican Party therewith goes straight under the bus, sent there BY THEMSELVES.

Recovery from such an event is not only not trivial, it may not be possible.

Oh great! The Republicans are rudderless, the Democrats are rudderless, and we are doomed for lack of leadership to lead us out of the Climate Change tragedy. We ride the Titanic, otherwise known as Earth, to our destruction, this time, not by an iceberg, but by fire. 

In the meantime, some billionaire without a lick of good sense intends to rebuild the Titanic and ride across the Atlantic. 

Plans for Titanic 2 reflected by Australian billionaire, Basit Mahmood Wednesday 24 Oct 2018.

Jeez, too much money in too few hands can only lead to the end of life as we know it. 

If there is a savior, now is the time for him/her/it to take action. We need a strong leader who is not a fascist, who recognizes that we face a world-wide problem and many nations must be involved. That leader has an immediate issue of getting the people of the Earth to understand we already reached the end of the Fossil Fuel Age and tremendous change in lifestyle must take place, at once. Scientists, technicians, research, & development focusing on alternative energy sources offer us the only hope of surviving. Simple lifestyles will have to replace energy-consuming technology. Growing food closer to where we consume it, eating lower on the food chain, and getting rid of "empty-calories" can make a big difference in survival. 

Hopefully technology will be the answer to global warming but if it isn't we can take some solace that Florida will be under eventually and the rest of the Bible belt will be hit with powerful hurricanes. 

Even coal miners know that coal is becoming obsolete. Oil man T Boone Pickens is pushing wind and solar. Pickens is an old style conservative. 

The corporate gang continue to support consumerism.

Teddy Roosevelt and William Howard Taft railed against corporatism and trusts but today our government is owned by the corporations with the trash at the FDA being the biggest whores. 

Corporate gangsters can break the law so long as they do it on behalf of their corporations. That's wrong on every level. Unless an until the millionaire and billionaire class is held to the same standards as everyone else, nothing will change.

Loren, I agree with your every word. The problem is who is going to run against them and win? I've even read an article that claims Hillary might run again in 2020 and that she said "I really would like to be president." My reaction is "no, Hillary, please stay away. You have done enough already."

I think the FUD factor got out of their control. The GOP tried so hard to demonize Clinton that people got scared and lost the ability to discriminate between the ludicrous and the insane. 

Being rudderless.

The Democratic party has no base.  

Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate - unless  Democrats liked the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the overthrow of Libya all of which - especially the Libya thing put munitions s in the hands of ISIS (DASH). 

I don't know why any Democrat would vote for Hillary.  I didn't think her husband was a very good Democrat either.

For that election I wrote in Bernie Sanders.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz  was unable to get the appropriate candidate in. 

Hey she's from Florida - One of the worst democratic states in the country. - Florida among other things managed to screw Al Gore out of the presidency..  

The following  link may explain the problem with Florida's flaccid  election rules.

This is funny

John Oliver.  

Especially interesting is just after  time  6:00

I don't think that is what happened. The base had a couple of decent choices in the presidential primary with John Kasich being the best of the bunch but instead the opted for the two biggest liars, Cruz and Trump. They ultimately decided on the worst of the worst. The depravity that is the GOP is directly proportional to the depravity of its base. Decent moral people do not want to represent that values of the trash dwelling in the Bible belt. 

I wrote and published a song called Donald Trump is a Piece of Shit and so are His Supporters It's free to download and distribute. Feel free to use it to troll the Trump trash.


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