How did you become atheist? I was a christian 6-7 years ago, but then i started thinking about the world scientifically, not religiously, thinking God was fake more and more, until i decided he was completely fake.

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I think that's an excellent and subtle way to open one mind's about religion, by making religion something that is not so special, and in that way de-glorifying it. Gods are not so great when you know where they come from - man.
Better question is how did fundies (of any religion) become such a cancer upon the Earth.
Howya like me now!?!?
LMAO! That's my line of the day :) Love it...
When I was 8 i was christian, when i was 12 I turned Buddhist and when I was 17 I realized that if i couldn't give religion the respect is deserved as a follower I was just going to give it up. When I was 18 I started to look at the existance of god as more and more ridiculous and it progressed even more when I met my first boyfriend who was into theoretical psychics and sciency stuff and now i'm as athiest as can be! :D
Oddly enough, when I dropped Catholicism, people asked why I didn't try another religion. I said that I didn't believe in one god anymore, why on EARTH would I want to start following another?!?
I was an Agnostic.

Then I read the bible.

Now I'm an Atheist.
While studying world religions for my Anthropology degree in college years ago, it slowly dawned on me that (at most) only one of these religions could be right. Since each group was equally certain as to their own religion, I then considered what if none of them were correct. Logic took over from there and one day I found that I had no belief. I don't remember when the conclusion came. For me, it is like determining when a person stopped believing in the tooth fairy. I just found myself without belief.
Well, here you go:
I basically already explained it.




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