How did you feel after leaving your religion and becoming atheist?

When I left islam and realized all other religions are a load of bull crap and became atheist It was one of the best feeling i had i felt free from guilt and can do anything you want like  accepting facts , sexual desires are ok , eating pork etc as long as your not hurting others. What about you what was how did it feel and what about your story ? Sorry for my bad English since it's not my first language.

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Fact is, as a young, 20-something, I was remarkably indifferent initially.  The church I was raised in was very much on the liberal end of the spectrum (Protestant Congregationalist), very mild, not obscenely preachy, quite friendly, actually.  My problem, as I've stated elsewhere, was that there was no experience or evidence to support or verify what the church and the bible said.  Probably the hardest thing I had to deal with initially was the recognition of my emerging bisexuality in the face of what I had learned, less through the church than through society, about the taboo of man-on-man sex.  For the rest of it, though, I was quite apathetic toward church, religion, the whole schmeer.  I would not have called myself an atheist at that point, though.  Someone coined the term, "apatheist," and it actually fits where I was at then pretty well.

Almost forty years of history since that time have shown me a lot of the underbelly of religion, though, from the Christian Coalition and its relationship with Ronald Reagan in the 80's through 9/11 and its roots in Wahhabi islam to the current efforts by evangelicals to dumb down education, push pseudo-science, and generally co-opt the US government in favor of its obviously christian agenda.  That and participation in fora such as this one have pretty much pushed me over the edge.

I am an atheist ... and I am proud to say so.

A 100 pounds lighter.  Like I had laid down that terrible burden of negative dogma I had been carrying around.

I felt free like a burden had been lifted! True freedom!

I felt good and relieved, leaving all the nonsense behind

Like most people growing up in South Mississippi I was saved and baptized as a Southern Baptist.  I was twelve years old and my aunt convinced my parents to go to her new church.

 There I heard my first hell fire and damnation/come to jesus sermon from Brother Williams and it scared the shit out me, especially when seeing my parents crying and going to the alter to be saved because they were convinced that they were born as sinners because a talking snake coned Adam and Eve into eating from the tree of knowledge.

That was 51 years ago and the reason I am an atheist today is because christianity despises knowledge, science and reason and glorifies ignorance, myth and superstition.  

"christianity despises knowledge, science and reason and glorifies ignorance, myth and superstition."

Wow, in just 9 words (together with 3 ands) you have put together a fine new quotable quote.

Thank you Terence.

Excellent. Then I propose adding your words (+ their origin) twice in appropriate places in two of my newly completed books (which I call Testaments) and which constitute four parts of a New Bible (it is a Bible of Truths, as perceived by atheists).

i.e. once in Chapter 21 of Testament 3 (history of humankind), and once in Chapter 34 of Testament 4. The latter is a book of quotations.

Is that OK?  

I am humbled by your request and yes you many use it. 

Sorry Terence that should have been "may" use it.

Agreed ... and summarily cut-and-pasted into my collection of memorable atheist quotes!

Thank you Loren, Coming form you the word smith of Atheist Nexus I am again humbled




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