How did your family and friends find out you were atheist?

I was open with my friends about it, but my family was quite catholic so i avoided the topic until the time was right. unfortunately, my mom had snooped through my room while i was out of town and found books on atheism and outed me to my family.

Anyone else have an accidental outing like i did?

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I only came out to my mother last month, oddly enough. I don't go around referring to myself as an atheist; my friends and most of my family seem happy knowing I have a generally rational worldview and don't ask me a lot of questions. In fact, for years, my mother and I had an unspoken agreement not to discuss religion too deeply. I know she's Catholic, and she doesn't know what I believe but senses she doesn't want to.

Recently, however, she's been increasingly pushy about whether I go to church and whether I plan to get my son baptized. She'd been picturing a great big baptism party on the beach this summer. So she's been needling me a little more aggressively with each phone call.

Finally I said, "I don't care about all that stuff. Been there, done that, don't need to think about it anymore."

I haven't heard anything else about it from her, although the religious-inspirational emails from my father have increased. Go figure. Some people just can't be outed to.
Well you know how folks get drunk and start talking about religion? hah, well that's how I came out to my friends. My parents figured it out after awhile when they would ask questions or mention something from the bible and I would argue about what they had to say. Glad I did, huge weight off my shoulders.



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