Immagine putting 20+ years into something, then finding out in one day it was false and you wasted all that time. All the unanswered prayers, all the church meetings, all the bible studies (which was mostly cherrypicking). The day I found the Skeptic's Annotaded Bible is the same day I became a nonbeliever. I've been suicidal ever since and having nightmares because hatred of religion and fear of hell. How do I become happy?

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Heh, fair enough (I'm assuming you meant "suspension of DISbelief). Anywho, there are plenty of reasons to be happy, which have nothing to do with belief. Heck, meeting a puppy on a walk is enough, but I don't think that you made this post because cute animals no longer make you smile.

I'm guessing you're more concerned with your overall/average happiness, yeah?

Get a girlfriend and everything will be okay...

Or a boyfriend

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