How Do the Left (Progressives) and the Right (Conservatives) Differ? Do Atheist Nexans Differ Similarly?

Today’s Left opposes Donald Trump; today’s Right supports him. (He too will pass, maybe before the 2020 elections.)

In what other ways do today’s Left and Right differ? (IMO, Dems and Repubs are about equally corrupted by major donors to elections.)

One. The formerly fiscally responsible Repubs are now trying to end the social programs (social security, health care, etc) by spending the federal government into bankruptcy. The once big-spending Dems are now trying to slow Repub borrowing.

Two. Repubs seem determined to destroy the environment asap. Dems less so.

Do atheists (whatever we call our non-religion) divide similarly?

Are there liberal/progressive atheists and conservative/regressive atheists?

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Do atheists differ in empowering voters by adding the direct initiative, referendum and recall (DIR&R) to state and federal constitutions, or by ending gerrymandering?

A century ago, when Californians added DI&R to the state constitution, opponents called it socialistic but they lost. Today’s voters can enact laws and amend the state constitution without the legislature.

A few years ago when Arizona voters created a districting commission to end gerrymandering, the state legislature claimed they were wrongly taking the legislators’ power and sued. The state supreme court ruled for the voters and against the legislature.

With DI&R in more states, voters could slow and even prevent climate disruption. Some state legislatures are addressing the problem. Trump and his profit-seeking allies are threatening legal action to stop them but may fail in the US Supreme Court on Tenth Amendment grounds.

My theory would be that as we, atheists, are a minority and many of us (and I also speak for myself) are atheists because we started to question stuff because that is in our nature and because of this questioning nature we tend to question other things too... we tend to be more on the progressive side.

When you question things it is because something about those things appear not to be right... right? So you start to ponder how to change it, how to make it better. You become a progressive thinker. Not necessarily liberal, but in some way progressive.

But as you indulge yourself in your progressiveness for a longer period of time it is very likely that you will come out as a liberal person. I think?




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