I originally started the Greensboro Atheist meetup a little over a year ago through meetup.com as a way of bringing together people with similar ideas and to get away from the persistent religiosity that comes with living in the bible belt (north carolina). Now we're branching out and becoming the Greensboro Atheist Organization complete with our own website, twitter, and facebook group and fan page. We're still a relatively small (126 members) and completely unknown group to anyone outside of meetup.com and friends/family of our members. So my question is this: how do we become known? We want to attract members outside of meetup and we really want to attract peopel we know will be active in meetings. What's the best way to advertise for a group like this?

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all of the above. the group runs on donations right now (which mainly come out of my pocket).. so cheap would be good. .free, even better! and of course we don't want negative attention...
ooo i LOVE the fossil dig idea!! I'm not sure where we could set something like that up, but I can start looking around :-) We're actually already having a potluck/cookout on the first day of spring at a local park but I"m not sure if it would get us any advertising. Maybe putting up fliers would help. thanks Talia!
not sure if our local park would allow this or not. they're kinda asses... but i'll definitely look into it :-) i'm not sure if we have any members who would be willing to host this in their yards.
we've looked into a billboard.. definitely out of our budget.. we're basically just a small group from meetup.com with bigger dreams- right now our donations consist of barely enough to supply snacks at our meetings :P craigslist is an interesting idea- i hadn't thought of that one :-)




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