When I tell people I am an atheist it is extremly hard to bring the words out of my mouth because it comes with so much criticism. In most responses I get "Oh, no" or "thats not right", something along those lines. I feel like I have to have a long drawn out discuss with people when faced with the question of religion because there are so many believers out there. So I'm wondering how does everyone also handle situations like this? Do you have to always defend yourself, your nonbelief? How should I handle, or what should I say the next time someone questions me about this and tries to belittle me for not believing in God? I'm sick of explaining myself to people who are religious!

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Only atheists are the ones who speak their minds :)
Atheists haven't given up their minds, so they actually have one to speak up with :)
:) righto :) why don't you tweet this quote??
Frankly, the subject rarely comes up, because few people are willing to directly confront someone else (particularly a stranger) on religious matters. But on the few occasions that someone HAS asked me something like "Why don't you believe in God?", I generally respond (calmly) with something along the lines of: "Because I'm not an idiot. Only idiots believe that fictional creatures really exist." That's usually blunt enough that it stops all discussion instantly. Then I just change the subject and go on as though nothing had happened. It works most of the time. Hey, you do the best you can.
Why don't you believe in God?", I generally respond (calmly) with something along the lines of: "Because I'm not an idiot

I'm cracking up. You are BAD! LMAO!

Seriously, every answer that I've ever gotten as to why anyone would believe in supernatural creatures boils down to either, (1) "Someone told me to", or (2) "It makes me feel better". Or some combination thereof. Of course, they always try to disguise it with a lot of hand waving and some sort of mumbo-jumbo, but when you peel all that away, it winds up being those two things.

So, basically: Insecurity + Gullibility => Religion.

Predictably enough, the majority of non-theists I've met are both confident and hard to fool.

If someone wants to believe in invisible sky fairies that damn people to fiery netherealms because a woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat evil fruit from a magical tree,go for it. But dont expect me to go along with that silly bullshit.
But He loves you! How could you be so hateful towards Him?
How do you know he loves you? Maybe he loves everyone else in the world EXCEPT you!
My faith tells me so. Heh.
Your Faith? Oh, wait, I think I met her one time - wasn't she the goofy one? That kept telling ridiculous stories and contradicting herself? ;-)
Yeah. We like to tell her she's 'special'.




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