How do you debate the criminally insane and still retain your sanity?

This newest arguement FOR separation of church and state has me dumbfounded. This statement was made as part of an ongoing debate in SC over the "I Belive" Licence plates.
Forced religion: a resident of Roebuck, responding to an assertion that the “I Believe” license plate advocates a particular religion, says this assertation" is plenty wet. “Christianity is not a religion,” declares "this resident". “Religion is man’s attempt to worship gods, or himself, through idols or man-made philosophy or rites. Christianity is God’s revelation of himself through Jesus Christ. It is simply loving, forgiving, regenerating truth — not religion. It appears that many now worship man-made governments and constitutions and would use the power of the state to force that religion on all.”

I am aware that most in the south will see that as a novel arguement in this ongoing debate. I also am convinced that most who read it will not bother to even look for the definitions of Chrisianity or Religion. They will take up this arguement and run with it This is where the dumbfoundedness began to take a hold...This simple statement that Christianity is not a religion, if adopted by our elected officials would remove any restrictions hampering their efforts to adopt an official national religion. Christianity is not a religion and therefore can become national policy.
Back to the original question, How do I debate a fence post, and survive the encounter? I have actually started learning what is in the bible. Most christians have no Idea what they are claiming to be god's word or, when and where they learned to recite it. I guess I am looking for the atheist's guide to "Surviving Random Encounters With The Braindead" Seriously now, some of you have attempted to rationalize with this geographically diverse segment of our society, and lived to tell about it. These survival tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Sorry about this ending up in the ontroductions area. I missed that option, this time.
There are a lot of ways to describe the contents of a bowel movement, but just because someone says something in a convoluted and well-parsed way doesn't mean he's talking sense. You can get extremely poetic about something and still be spouting total bullshit.

If they let people get away with it, and the license tags are legally available, get yourself one of the "I believe" license plates and augment it with a nearly contiguous bumper sticker that says "I believe that religion is all bullshit!" In fact, plaster your car's rear end with athiestic bumper stickers, spaghetti monsters and darwinfish.
Man from X religion claims his religion is better than Y religion because X religion isn't a religion... and that X religion should therefore be mandatory because X religion is all about love for X religion and hate for Y religion.

Where have I heard this argument before?

... oh that's right... from Y religion.
no freethought there is there now?


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