I'm underwhelmed with Obama and nauseated by Romney.

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I have similar reactions, booklover.

Past presidents whether Democratic or Republican have always set the standard for the issues he runs on  and their party falls in line behind him.  Mitt Romney has let the ultra conservative Tea Party Republicans set the standard for his campaign which is: No to taxes, No to Obama Care (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and No to compromise and Romney as fallen in behind them.  To me it shows how weak Romney is and not only in his reluctance to stand up to the Tea Party Republicans but also in his character. 

They both scare me in different ways. Time to vote third party.

The problem with third party is it can help elect the worst choice.  Up here in Canada I believe that our Conservative Prime Minister got elected because the Liberal and NDP vote (a majority) split the vote.  In the past the right wing Reform Party and the Conservatives split the vote and the Liberals always got in.  The Reform and Conservative party put aside their differences and united and were able to take power and change Canada's essential character against the wishes of a majority of Liberals and NDP voters. 

Didn't Nader siphon off enough votes to help Bush get elected rather than Gore?  I think your country would have been a lot better of with a Gore presidency rather than eight years of Bush.

Gore did win, but the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount. A later recount showed that Gore received more votes than Bush in Florida. Also Gore did win the popular vote  outright, but lost the electoral vote.

Ruth I would agree. Obama is the lesser of the 2 evils. Not too impressed by either one. Wish there were more candidate choices. The two party system is flawed.

Nice to hear that Jonathan.

Good point there.

How can I say it?


Most of the time, I think I'm so far from the American main-stream, I could be on Mars.  By most of the time, I mean 99% of the time, not 51% of the time.  Not just Atheist, but a whole string of identities, experiences, ideals, aspirations, accomplishments, baggage, beliefs, values.  I wonder, then, how can I expect for a president to have MY ideals?  How can I expect for the president to speak for ME, when there are so many people who, with different and often opposing needs and wants and beliefs, also demand representation and leadership?


One think I look at is the negation of negative.  As in, I've never seen any president so thoroughly piss off the right wing, the christians, the racists, as Obama.  Hillary Clinton could have if she was in office.  Bill Clinton had them pretty pissed off too, but nothing like Obama.  The main difference was Clinton gave them ammunition, in the form of someone in a blue dress, and some shady financial deals, and being married to a truly awesome mind (Hillary Clinton).  But Obama - the right wing is livid, stirred up like a wasp nest, and out for blood.  So that must mean Obama is not so bad.


About half way into this trailer, Judy Dench says:  (at 48 sec) Sometimes, the only way to stop evil, is not with good.  You must confront it with another kind of evil".


I know Obama is no Reddick.  And Romney may or may not be the Necromancer - that role is better played by the Dick Cheney.  


I know we still have a war in Afganistan.  The economy is improving, mud-like slowly.  Having been around the block a few times, I don't expect faster improvement.  Obama's party did not fall behind him - "Who is this upstart?  He didn't pay his dues!" and precious time was lost before the Republican resurgence.  


But does anyone really want Romney?  The robber baron, who outsourced american companies, laid off american workers, and became incredibly rich in the process.  While paying minimal taxes.  While acting as the etch-a-sketch candidate who changes his views depending on which side can serve him better. 


I'll take Obama.  He's flawed, he can't work miracles, and he's a bit of a professor.  But I'd take him over any of the Republicans any day of the week.  I'd have a beer with Obama, not Romney.  I'd have Obama for a neighbor, not Romney.  I'd have Obama for an in-law.  Not Romney.  I'd have Obama for a boss, not Romney.  I want to give Obama more time to accomplish what has only been started.  I don't want to give the country back to the people who worked so hard to destroy it.

Preach the word, Brother Biped! :)

Does anyone else remember what Debs said? If you are looking for a Moses to lead you out of this capitalist wilderness, you will stay where you are. I would not lead you into the promised land if I could, because if I could lead you in, someone else could lead you out. You must use your heads as well as your hands, and get yourselves out of your present condition.

May not be verbatim, but it's close! I feel like it really applies here. Obama may not be here to play Moses, but I trust him to help America help ourselves. We just can only go as far as we are willing to walk.

One of my favorite movies Sentient.

Pitch Black - love those.

Thanks for the video post.

Despite fierce and unwavering opposition from House Republicans, Obama managed to achieve significant things—saving the auto industry, passing a stimulus bill that has saved jobs, a healthcare act that is far from perfect, but the only achievement in that area since Medicare. Dodd-Frank is important regulation of the financial industry and needs to be kept in place.

There could have been more progress but the GOP's refusal to compromise has made it very difficult. If Obama is re-elected and the Republican majority in the House reduced a bit, it may be possible to make progress.

I have no problem voting for Obama even though he has not always been as progressive as I would have liked. His achievements are worth saving. People have forgotten what a total disaster George W. Bush was and a return to that mode of governing would be disastrous.

Obama accomplished more than people give him credit for and when you consider the stated position of the Republicans was to block any legislation coming from the WH – it's amazing he got any thing done.
1. Bin Laden is dead ....2. General Motors isn't.... 3.The basic structure for a comprehensive national health care system is in place.... 5. Despite GOP denials the stimulus worked.
But the best argument is Mittens in the WH, Mittens appointing The next 1 or 2 Supreme Court Judges, Mittens being advised by RW loony luminaries like Akins, Broun and Mourdock, et al.. And finally, he's an adherent to a religion as crazy as Scientology


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