How do you feel when other people discuss God(s) as if they apply to you? How do you respond?

More specifically I'm referring to when people tell you something like "God is punishing you" or "God loves you" when they know you're an atheist? The double standard in this is obvious when you reveal your view towards it and you're immediately labeled as arrogant or close-minded. I think this notion is asinine because the fact that they aren't receptive to your worldview is the very essence of being close-minded.

How do you "win" so to speak in these situations? What do you all do?

P.S. I'm thankful for atheist communities such as this because if I didn't have it to unwind I'd lose my mind.

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There is no "winning" if your goal is to prove any kind of point to these kinds of people. They have a vested interest in deluding themselves into believing that you are the problem, despite any contrary evidence or reason, and without just cause. The best bet is to stay away from such people, and remember that while they may LOOK bright, that it is just because the speed of light is slightly faster than the speed of stupidity.

I guess my viewpoint on any type of personal belief system is that it is personal... if I push back on someone because of something they say and try to refute what they say, I am not any better than they are, if I ignore it, then I am keeping myself sane and still being true to my own personal belief system. I have no problem with someone else having strong religious convictions, as long as they don't try to infringe on other people's rights because of them (unfortunately many evangelicals try to infringe on other people's rights all the time).

Well, once I felt really bad.
But little by little I'm getting used.
I am an atheist, I in live Brazil and here in our country to declare atheist is the same thing as being in "hell." (ironically)

I am sorry to hear of your rough experience. I hope you are able to find friends that are willing to accept you for who you are, rather than who they want you to be.

If my acquaintances know my views about religion and say something like "god is punishing you," I return by saying, "I know your god is punishing me, because you are here." If they say something similar to "god loves you," I say " I know your god loves me because you are leaving." If they do not know me and make similar comments, I do not give them the time of day.




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