To the people who are advocating "taking back Christmas" by saying "Merry Christmas" instead of the more "PC" Happy Holidays? With the subtext of "Keep Christ in Christmas"?

Personally, I don't like being told Merry Christmas, because I don't celebrate it, and don't wish to celebrate it. And I have a hard time responding. Could I say, "No, thanks"? Or "A Happy Diwali to you, too"? Or should I go with "Bah, humbug"? (Only in my grumpier moments).

I am SO tired of the so-called Christians who feel so persecuted that they need to impose THEIR beliefs and culture on those of us who want no part of it. And I'm tired of being polite.


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Happy Chrismakwanzakkah!


My doctor and I wish each other a festive Festivus - stolen from Seinfeld's friend George's father.


"Festivus for the rest of us!"

I need to remember that.  Better look up the Festivus traditions.  Something about a pole, and complaining, as I recall.  I like complaining.

Today I was at a big box home improvement store buying some new blinds.  The clerk said of the overhead store music, "At least this year they are playing something traditional"  I responded, "If I had to listen to that all day for the next month, I'd commit suicide".  He just laughed.


Most of the people I deal with are in a professional setting, so I have to be noncommital and nice to all.  So I am.


The boy scouts were selling something christmassy at the front of the grocery store.  You literally had to walk around their table to get in, no way to avoid it.  One boy scout more or less stood in front of me and asked if he could interest me in what they were selling.  I said, in a pleasant, cheerful voice, I don't support homophobic organizations like the boy scouts, and walked around him without looking back. They didn't stop me again on my way out.


Good for you Sentient!

I feel sorry for kids in the Boy Scouts. It isn't their fault that some religious bigshots have taken over the scouts, and all the battles that have resulted affect the kids the most. But yeah, I wouldn't buy from them and support the Mormon church.


How about "Happy Winter Solstice" or is "Happy Holidays" ok?

I usually just say "Have a nice winter break" - I guess it depends on the context you are in.

The context was someone posting on Facebook about taking Christmas back, and the details were pretty much as I posted above. It just irked the hell out of me. I don't WANT to say "you, too" to store employees who have been instructed to say "Merry Christmas" instead of "Happy Holidays", even though it isn't their fault. I don't want to take out my anger on them, and I don't want to be rude to them, but I am SO tired of the "Christian's" persecution complex, and their efforts to make everyone else bend to their will, especially at this season. Note that I put "Christian" in quotes, because I know a whole lot of kind, considerate, good people whom I recognize as good Christians, and the loony, evangelistic ones don't deserve the title.

Maybe  we should get T-shirts printed up saying something like "Do Not Wish Me a Merry Christmas, (and I won't tell you to drop dead)!

LOVE it!!!! :-)

Merry Grinchmas - try that one.




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