How do you respond to: "Are you against religion?", "Are you against Christmas?"

I was asked by an Xtian if I decorated for Christmas.

When I answered "NO" - I got the questions I have heard before.

"Are you against Religion? Are you against Christmas."

(Religion is bad - so yes I am against religion)

Any of you here get these same questions? 

How do you handle them?

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Winter Solstice - exactly VikingDon - good response.

How about, "none of your damned business, nosy!"?

Steph, I have NO problem expressing my disdain for religion. I usually clarify my disdain for Christmas by citing all the nonsense that occurs around this time of year: people who will wait in line (sometimes for days) to get a bargain while that time could have been spent with relatives or friends, all the muzak that is played everywhere I go; the emphasis on spending money on gifts while the emphasis should be on spending time with loved ones; all the religious overtones wafting from the various radio and television stations (as if we're all Christians); and last, all the stressed out people there are out on the roads and in the stores, which makes me want to stay home.

We do celebrate gift giving, we visit friends, and we wish people happy holidays (I even slip and wish people Merry Christmas), but we do NOT practice any religious gratuitous nonsense. I agree with Future that American culture has almost done away with the religion in Christmas anyway. Maybe in a few more years we won't have to feel defensive about not partaking.

Same here Eric. I dislike religion too. It's crazy that people camp out in front of stores to buy things.

I don't practice any religious nonsense either.

Eric, I am with you! The gathering of family and friends is the point of it all, as far as I am concerned. 

Happy Holidays..................

Thank you VikingDon. You too. 

I just love the Addams Family - thank you Napoleon. 


Sounds like the xtian was looking for conflict, 'cause who really gives a tinker's damn whether you decorate or not?

My personal beef is that I hate taking down decorations, so not decorating is a pre-emptive strike.

Pretend that you are 4 years old and ask "why?" "why?" "Why?"
They will get tired of answering just like your Mom did.

Actually what say is that I am a Skeptic.

My whole family is atheist. My atheist son and his atheist wife decorate the yard with lots of Christmas stuff, lights, snowmen, santas. DIL was complaining about how much work it is and grandson, 7 years old at the time said, "don't worry mom. I will invent holographic Christmas decorations. It will be easier."

That would be funny Diane - to see the look on their face while I continually ask "Why"?




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