How do you respond to: "Are you against religion?", "Are you against Christmas?"

I was asked by an Xtian if I decorated for Christmas.

When I answered "NO" - I got the questions I have heard before.

"Are you against Religion? Are you against Christmas."

(Religion is bad - so yes I am against religion)

Any of you here get these same questions? 

How do you handle them?

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Thank you for your response Humble Pie.

Well: Against Religion: Yes, we have cognitively evolved past religion, we are into our new evolved state of wisdom and information.  Religion is a relic or fossil of our past, it's a boil on the butt of humanity and needs removing.

Against Christmas: No, it's mostly about consumerism.  It's just "Children's Day" alternative to of having "Mothers Day" and "Fathers Day".  Which is better than having "Son's Day" and "Daughter's Day", which could be embarrassing or confusing if your child was trans-gender or preferred to be gender neutral.

Though the other celebrations mentioned would be confusing in same sex partnerships as well.

My question is why don't we get days off for Mother's and Father's day to celebrate.  Though children are more important, and I'll accept holidays for any reason, don't care.

I think I'll have a holiday for not caring.  "Carefree Day"   :-D~

Thank you very much - I will think about responding this way when I get that question again.

I agree, we are evolving into a new age, one that honors reason and rational thinking while eschewing myths inherited from the Stone Age, written in the Bronze Age, colonized others in the Machine Age, and exploited producers of goods and services in the InformationAge. I don't know what this new Age will be called, but it is a definite evolution.  

Human Evolution Timeline Interactive


                   Rapid Increase in Brain Size 

                          Control of fire 

                                                              Dawn of Technology 

                                                                                           Mostly Bipedal 

                                                                                                                                     Becoming bipedal 

Notice the cooling trend, and now the warming trend. Climate fluctuated over the 8 million years of human evolution. 

Joan thank you for the evolution timeline. I hope we enter an age of rational thinking.

Actually we could consider religion as a Transitional Fossil, between the "Complete Naivety" era and the "Highly Knowledgeable" era.

Yes, I think we live in a period of the death of religion and this last great battle may go on for centuries, but ultimately, religion causes so many conflicts, disputes and wars, Homo sapiens will either reject it or perish because of it. I like your term "Transitional Fossil between Complete Naivety era and Highly knowledgeable era". 

calmly answer their questions and respond to them like they are humans who err. even their questions get dumber, louder, and more vehement, maintain composure and be the bigger person. 

I have no problem with people hanging up christmas trees, saying merry christmas, or whatever it is.  I think if someone says to me "happy  hannakuh" and I'd say "happy hannukah" back just because it's not like someone is saying these things to be a dick or are trying to be inconsiderate or whatever.  I'm on another tangent. But maintain composure and be the bigger person, because most people who celebrate christmas, especially those who say that there is a war on christmas are insecure and don't know how to handle their doubts, etc. 

Christmas is the Summer solstice here, usually in the mid 40C temperatures 105 to 115F, yet occasionally it gets real cold, spent one Xmas lunchtime inside my taxi driver's cabin to eat, because it was too cold to sit outside, it dropped to a freezing 15C (59F).

Yet clowns still have roast dinners like they did in the Northern hemisphere, silly sods.

My family settles for cold meat and salads for Xmas, err, I mean Summer Solstice. :-D~


I just Google Earthed your location and the temperatures in your part of Earth look deadly. I do hope you have plenty of good, clean water and some way to get relief from that heat. I fold when the temps get into the 90 degree range. 

We are having bitterly cold weather, heavy winds, and very little snow ... only a snifter so far. 

Just think everyone. If Jesus had of been born in a different era and the christian religion had of evolved this same way, none of his followers would have crosses around their necks. They would all have gold chain necklaces with tiny electric chairs on them.

Then movie makers wanting to make a statement about chrisitanity and the world of believers could make a film like "The Sign Of The Electric Chair." When you put a little comedy in, it sure takes all the drama out!

What is the common remark when you tell the above to the public and that person is a christian?  "God will get you for that." They mean it too, but such sayings are one of the ways I fight christianity. Make everybody think.

"God will get you for that."

Astonishing how often that these people who are supposed to be so good resort to threats to attempt to manipulate their audience!  Now ... pointing that out to them may not be horribly Politically Correct ... but then, I'm not PC at ALL!


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