How do you respond to: "Are you against religion?", "Are you against Christmas?"

I was asked by an Xtian if I decorated for Christmas.

When I answered "NO" - I got the questions I have heard before.

"Are you against Religion? Are you against Christmas."

(Religion is bad - so yes I am against religion)

Any of you here get these same questions? 

How do you handle them?

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Love your reply Pat.  At 71, I'm very crotchety and curmudgeonly :)

Yes, Pat, yes they are.

Pat....You Rock!!!!!   That would be one heck of an answer......Love it

Personally, I think it's fine to decorate for xmas.  It's a secular event far more than a religious one at this point.  The Santa stuff, trees, gifts, parties, food, outdoor lighting, secular songs, etc. just helps take the religion out of the event.  Any religious decoration is just laughable at this point.  I was at Home Depot the other day, and they had a blow up nativity scene.  Baby Jesus looked like a simpsons character.  I snuck over and put an elf hat on the Messiah, like a good atheist.

Very nice.

Hi, dr kellie. I haven't seen your name in ages. Hope you are well, happy, and full of vinegar! 

hehehehehe....very cute!   I don't have a problem with decorations either EXCEPT when they use my tax dollars to pay for a nativity scene on the steps of the courthouse. That's not ok.

Alex, I agree 100%.

LOL.  Nice photos.


One might make interesting fluorescent christmas decorations.  Like in the spirit of Halloween.



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