We are all aware that many religions accepts new embraces and believers every day, most of those are attracted through the process of preaching and calling.

We respect the people’s right to embrace any ideology, but allowing someone to call others to join his faith, allowing his preaching and calling activities and letting him enjoy the freedom of expanding his religion, is nothing more than allowing deluded people to spread their delusions. I see preaching and calling to join any religion as one of the most misleading and deceptive acts by any person.

Another point of view is that most of these preaching and calling activities are performed by organizations that are strongly financed by people and governments. They act with an obvious and long term political and religious targets.

Convincing someone to join a religion is a mental abuse and a deceiving behavior, for the purpose of expanding the interest, power and leverage of certain countries and religions around the world.

If we consider living in a modern and secularism society, and given the absolute fact that all religions are nothing but illusions, lies and deformed thoughts used for many reasons, shouldn’t we call to criminalize and forbid preaching and calling activities?

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I think their just junk mail in trousers. Is there a law against knocking peoples doors and boring them to death? I think there may well be. Cold calling is illegal in the UK if there's a sign outside explaining the householders displeasure. If the act of knocking a door is legal it may be difficult in practice to convict someone for cold calling, as an experienced 'Knocker' would probably be able to recognise a 'mark' from an annoyed television watcher straight away.

A sign in the yard saying "No Trespassing" is sufficient to trigger a complaint for trespass; either in criminal, civil court,or both - both being depending on the nature of the intrusion

What if they were on a mission from god Pat?

Then have their god pay the court fine, or better yet, do the time in the county jail for them if it's one where law enforcement had to be called. Maybe Marduke will then change the 'mission.'

On a lighter note, a classic cartoon by Dan Piraro:

Puzzled man at his front door, looking at the pamphlet given to him by two young men in short-sleeve shirts and ties: "This pamphlet is blank." They reply, "We're atheists."

While I certainly don't like door knockers and street preachers, I wouldn't support any public law preventing them from doing it.  Preaching in a public school or at a government function is another matter addressed fully well in the first amendment of the U.S. constitution.  Trying to convince others, especially children, of nonsense is something that I take to be socially harmful and I wish that I could stop it.  Those doing it likely feel the same about my views.  Beyond established law (and it should be vigorously prosecuted), about all that we can do -- or perhaps all we should do -- is make our arguments as persuasively as we can while recognizing that others with views that we may deem ridiculous do the same.

I hate seeing the Jehovah Witlesses show up, but will take some time to talk with them.  More often than not that stops them from returning.  If anyone proposed a law stating that they couldn't prosthylize I'd oppose it.


Your right Ted, annoyance is not a crime.

I respectfully disagree. Annoyance, if the annoyers are given advanced warning that there proselytizing is unwelcome, should be a crime. I would never support a law saying they can't proselytize. However, I fully support a law that says if I give them notice I do not wish for them to invade my privacy, and they do, they can be prosecuted. They're right to advance their nonsense stops at my right to be left alone.

You are exactly correct. This is the law.

For that you can put up a sign and expect it to be respected.  I choose not to because I'd rather argue with those with whom I disagree than sit behind a wall and congratulate those with whom I do.  Annoyance is annoying, but there are worse things to live with, like never having your views challenged and so calcifying in a personal ideology.


True enough. However, how many morons with the same drivel do I have to repeatedly put with? At what point do I say, "Enough is enough."

I think there's 12 disciples Pat.


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