We are all aware that many religions accepts new embraces and believers every day, most of those are attracted through the process of preaching and calling.

We respect the people’s right to embrace any ideology, but allowing someone to call others to join his faith, allowing his preaching and calling activities and letting him enjoy the freedom of expanding his religion, is nothing more than allowing deluded people to spread their delusions. I see preaching and calling to join any religion as one of the most misleading and deceptive acts by any person.

Another point of view is that most of these preaching and calling activities are performed by organizations that are strongly financed by people and governments. They act with an obvious and long term political and religious targets.

Convincing someone to join a religion is a mental abuse and a deceiving behavior, for the purpose of expanding the interest, power and leverage of certain countries and religions around the world.

If we consider living in a modern and secularism society, and given the absolute fact that all religions are nothing but illusions, lies and deformed thoughts used for many reasons, shouldn’t we call to criminalize and forbid preaching and calling activities?

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Thank you.

Recognising superstition is not an ideological viewpoint that needs to be debated Ted.

The fact is they don't annoy me that much. Not enough for me to call the police.

Also what would you say? It's almost like you calling and saying "hello, policeman. Somebody just turned around in my driveway." They do not care.

Some people are almost that bad with annoyance and private property.

Pat, I like this option. Put up a notice to not bother me, kind of like the Green River Laws.

"In Green River v. Fuller Brush Co., 65 F.2d 112 (10th Cir. Wyo. 1933), the court held that that a total ban on door-to-door soliciting would be found unconstitutional and unenforceable on the grounds of religious free speech and commercial free speech when this ordinance bans religious or interstate solicitations."

Even though such laws were determined to be unconstitutional and unenforceable, there should be provision of freedom from religion. It should take precedence over freedom of religion. 

Is religious door to door proselytising cold calling? I think it has to be.

The JWs used to regularly stop by here.  I didn''t like seeing them coming, but never hid or turned them away outright.  We always talked, sometimes for an hour or more in the driveway (I drew the line at inviting them inside).  For the most part, the talk was about the weather or whatever, just as with any neighbor.  But it always turned to the theological and points came up about which we disagreed.  Neither of us ever convinced the other (I always accepted their pamphlets and sometimes even read them) but at least we had a conversation more or less like reasonable human beings.  I had nothing to fear from their prosthylizing, and so didn't mind putting up with it for a while every couple of weeks.  Sometimes I sort of enjoyed going back and forth with them -- having to support my positions while challenging them to support theirs.

It gets old preaching to the choir and being slapped on the back by those that I already knew supported me.  I like it when someone comes out of right field and challenges my beliefs, even if it's uncomfortable in the moment.


The problem is, they don't challenge my beliefs knowledge that I've accumulated with reason, logic, and science. 

They just repeat the same old BS, with no evidence to back it up.  Annoying waste of time.

If you have a proper sign displayed about not disturbuing, no solicitors, no trespassing, etc. then you have a legal redress in this situation. If one door knocker shows up you might angrily explain that to them and maybe you will get no more visitors. Certain neighborhoods have a solicitation clause built into their rules that might handle this sort of thing for you.

Keep in mind that your right not to be disturbed is equal to the door knocker's right to advertise a meeting or gathering. It's all 50/50 unless you have a proper sign up to discourage them.

Also remember that fundamentalist religion believes that Jesus told them to go door to door this way. They are following their religious beliefs to try and get you into their church. but if you run them off they are most likely not going to come back. They think Jesus told them that as well.

Preaching and calling is free speech, at least on a simplistic level.  If preachers make claims, at least insofar as I'm concerned, they had better be able to corroborate said claims.

Further, if these activities are carried on among adults, I don't have a problem with that, or at least there's nothing to be done about it.  The same actions aimed at children, especially those who have not yet reached the age of reason, ARE problematic and deserve to be challenged.

Preaching and calling ... aimed at children, ARE problematic and deserve to be challenged.


Among adults, there are a variety of legitimate and lawful responses, ranging from "no solicitation" signs to actively engaging them.

I like the approach our own dr kellie used; she kept us abreast of her very effective tactic in "what boobs are good for".


Oh yes! I remember! I liked how she gave them a big smile when their eyes met. That must have been unnerving for those young men. It is a wonder they didn't come back in their "civilian" garb!




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