Here is a story on CNN today, "Prominent atheist blogger converts to Catholicism"

So, how does one go from reason and rationality to superstitious nonsense? I know that there are some atheists who are only atheist through not reason and rationality but rather from "hating god" because of something that had happened to them. I term these atheists as fake atheists. But someone commented on the site that in her blog that she was raised in a non-faith household (I am not sure if this is true, but for the sake of argument that it is true) - how the hell does one get brainwashed to go from reason and rationality to superstition and irrationality?

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"atheists who are only atheist through not reason and rationality but rather from "hating god" because of something that had happened to them. I term these atheists as fake atheists."

Could you please elaborate?

LOL they hate that they lost all that money ... given.. to god?

I suspect that those who were atheist and later seduced by religion had poor foundations for their atheism, such as "hating god," or being atheist because a friend or associate or someone they respected were atheist.  My further suspicion is that their understanding of both religion and its attendant dynamics and atheism and the reasons to be atheist were not well understood.

The strongest atheism, from where I stand, is a self-made DEDUCTION, arrived at by looking at the facts (or lack thereof) and working out the logic for oneself.

seduced u say!? ha.. try living w/o worry and see how much more you're hated
they (fundies) hate that

I wish her the best of luck.  I don't think she will find any lasting peace or be any happier as a result of her choice.  But, who knows?  I think many people are predisposed to religiosity.  She may be just trying it out to see how it fits.

a. $
b. family (fear of loss of...) praise god! not.
c. real estate (scratch that that's just walstreet 99 percent kinda subj.
d. someone (mole?) in the atheist group turned off the atheist...

I mean. Surely the thing that binds atheists is 'no god' needed.. idea.

I've seen though an atheist (older) said "..we don't deal with that shit in NY" referring to homeless/addict looking guy at museum once.. was an ear opener and realization that just because someone says they're sumthin' does not say much to other agendas nah mean?!

yay! fck the haters!

According to her, Catholicism provides a moral compass that atheism cannot. A very weak reason. Makes no sense to me other than accepting that it makes sense to her.

I would actually argue quite the opposite.  I say atheists do right because they want to do right, while a believer does right either from a fear of going to Hell or a wish that his fellows think him a prince for doing right.  I say that a right response to external stimulus that is derived from a commitment to reality instead of metaphysics is a far more valuable right effort.  I say that if the believer fails to do right, they can always say God had other plans, or that He works in mysterious ways, or He's gone fishing (being "a fisher of men," wink, wink).  Anyone who believes that in a world with several billion people each has a personal deity is just plain daffy (as in duck).  In other words, they are Donald Duck crazy.

Despite your gallant attempt, even those doing good for good's sake typically derive a special feeling based on self definition. As such, good for good sake be "damned", there's still a selfish aspect to it, not to say all forms of selfishness are necessarily negative. The positive reinforcement is there nonetheless. It doesn't take much mental gymnastics to realize that good for good's sake has somewhat similar undertones to even the worst contrived religious motivations: self protection (whether after life motivated, or ego motivated).

Well you have to keep in mind that all people are actually born atheists. I was actually an agnostic until around age twelve to thirteen, and at this age my mom seemed to make a huge push to get me involved in religion; likely in hopes to ensure that my soul was "saved."

Looking back, I should have been able to see through all of Christianity's nonsense, but I was just a young teenager absolutely terrified of anything to do with death, and to me, Christianity filled me with hope and confidence for the future.

As a result, I imagine that most people who were somewhat similar to me and haven't given the concept of god or religion much thought drift to Christianity for these kind of reasons.

Let's face it, even thought it may be nonsensical, Christianity does so much in helping people get through their lives in this often hectic world.

You got me.

The reason and rationality were never that solid a foundation to begin with.




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