Here is a story on CNN today, "Prominent atheist blogger converts to Catholicism"

So, how does one go from reason and rationality to superstitious nonsense? I know that there are some atheists who are only atheist through not reason and rationality but rather from "hating god" because of something that had happened to them. I term these atheists as fake atheists. But someone commented on the site that in her blog that she was raised in a non-faith household (I am not sure if this is true, but for the sake of argument that it is true) - how the hell does one get brainwashed to go from reason and rationality to superstition and irrationality?

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I do not have faith in anything.  

It seems quite evident that science is the best process for finding truth we have.  A trillion times better than any other process.

I love science, but I do not believe in science, and I do not have faith in science.  I accept what science has proven to be true with huge amounts of evidence.

Faith is believing something without any good evidence to support it.  

Some people want to use faith and spirituality and a few other religious words in a secular sense, but I've eliminated them from my vocabulary because they are accepted by most people as religious terms, and I don't want anyone to mistake me for a religious person anymore.

One definition of faith:
complete trust or confidence in someone or something.
"this restores one's faith in politicians"
Yes, the word serves a basis for certain religions and, as such, is often thought in that vein but it also has other definitions like the one above, here. I would argue that it can even apply in situations where one doesn't necessarily have "complete trust or confidence". Having a strong assumption that something is true may be an act of faith insofar as it depends on certain assumptions as in I have faith that the 3rd floor won't collapse which is why I will walk on it without that concern. 
Still, I understand where you're coming from and the emotions behind it.

To willfully disbelieve in the facts is to commit suicide.  That  proves to me that the above "atheist" is simply suicidal and probably wants to take some of us with him/her.

Maybe like a "theist" bomber. I personally do not believe in anything "spiritual." It means the term can be applied exactly how you want it on almost any subject. Being spiritual can be anything you want it to be and we are back to babies, sunsets, and design. The word is used in a similar way as they use "faith." We find that "faith is believing in things that you know isn't so." That's the Mark Twain definition.

eric, you overstate the facts unless you define "suicide" either uniquely or metaphorically.

An atheist who accepts Catholicism enters a form of at least emotional and mental slavery. I "left that plantation" sixty years ago.

Also, reading fiction requires people to disbelieve facts so they can believe the story's non-facts. Writing fiction requires people to disbelieve facts for other reasons.


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