There are many ways to abuse people. I would like to see how many ways we atheists feel we have been abused by the religious people. If anything, we can use these stories to show what theists do to those who disagree with them.

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That is  bloody awful, but the problem is that xtians believe in a death cult.And that suffering and persecution is an integral part of this cult.They start from a basic premise that they are already persecuted because of their beliefs and that the existence of atheists simply affirms their perception that society is set against them.

Thus they can pass off any legitimate questioning of their belief system as yet more evidence of the persecution that they believe exists outside of their community.Threrefore, they set impossible standards of behaviour for those that do not believe, which usually amounts to "how dare you question my faith".They then "kick out" accordingly at anyone that questions them.They have, in effect, created a niche for themselves in which xtianity is deserving of (unearned ) deference and respect simply because they believe it to be true.

Thus, they would claim that you are guilty of persecuting them because your existence questions belief in their god in the society that already persecutes them because of that belief. And on and on we go, around and around in great big bloody circles with a very unhealthy emphasis in confirmation bias thrown into the ring as it were.

I can't think of a whole lot of specific events; I've led a pretty good life and was raised by caring, understanding, and fairly open-minded parents who never pressured me into (or out of) any religion. One particular incident stands out, though...

My grandmother was a Catholic. She wasn't very observant, but she went to church (until she was no longer able to) and, upon her death in 2006, received a Catholic funeral as was her desire. Neither my father, nor my mother, nor my sister, nor myself, are or were Catholics. For those who may not be aware, many Catholic churches, including this one, have a special section they reserve for non-Catholics during services... which leads me to the bit that really puts a burr up my sphincter: we, the decedent's son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren, whom she loved and who loved her and cared for her in her final years, got to sit in the special 'you're not a Catholic' seats. We were not verbally insulted in any way, nor were we ignored in the priest's eulogy (much of which had nothing to do with her actual life), but the fact remains that because I was not a Catholic I was subject to segregation at my own grandmother's funeral. It still pisses me off.


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