How Has Becoming an Atheist Affected Your Experience of the Holidays?

I got to thinking, while decorating my house for the holidays tonight.  Here I am, with my second child on the way, putting up Christmas tree.  Here I am, my first year as an "out" atheist (for all intents and purposes), so how does that shift the meaning of the holidays for me?

I wrote a piece about this on my blog.  (  But then I got to wondering, what about other atheists?  How has coming into your own beliefs shifted your view of the holidays?  Has it ruined the fun?  Has it made it better?  Is it exactly the same?  Is it stressful when being around religious family members? 

What's your take on Christmas & the like?

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Lol, Park! Maybe we should start a contest to pick the name of said holiday. Any ideas?
I love all those points, Park. I find it very interesting that you'd choose a nuclear explosion to experience. Or running around in public naked. Lol!!!

But yes, to new experiences. That's what makes me feel alive. And to appreciating family and friendship and living... hats off to that.
In three weeks time I shall be wishing everyone on Atheist Nexus and "Origins" a Merry Newton-day again

because the 25th was Isaac Newton's birthday

------whereas no-one knows when jesus was born.

Well why wait for the 25th:

Merry Newton-day to you all !
Calculus and physics are way more important anything that other guy has going for him.
Keely, which Disney did you work at? In Orlando? LA? Tokyo? I've worked for the Mouse myself.

I'm about to have my 2nd baby, so I understand that having a birthday on or near Christmas has got to be really hard to make it special. I wonder what kinds of things you've tried to do to make your b-day special and separate from the holiday?
I was actually due this past Wednesday, Dec. 1st. My daughter (3 years old) was 9 days late. I seem to have the gestation period of an African elephant.

That's great that you can take your birthday off each year. That's got to be a plus. Maybe it's like a 3-day celebration. Like your mini-Mardi Gras. And the big finale is your birthday!
Maia Gras. I love it! Haha!

I will definitely post pictures when he makes his leisurely way into this world.


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