My 1 problem with religion itself is the extremists and mindless fundamentalism it produces. The Bible and The Koran both support a zero tolerance and rather fascist mentality which is destroying humanity more than helping it. If they support an all loving god then why wage war in that gods name? Did that god tell you personally to kill another person and if so, how are you sure that it's not an evil spirit or a mental disorder that your aflicted with? Religion seems to make most people act like intolerant asshats. "anyone different must be converted so they love our god and don't get punnished" - yet they attempt to do this by ringing the doorbell between 11:30 AM - 12:45 PM and trying to invite themselves inside... oh yeah, being rude early in the day makes people love a god right? *rolls eyes* -_-


And if religious people want to go to heaven so badly, why not be a stunt double or join the military during a really bloody war? "Reakless Self Endangerment" techincally isn't suicide. All this talk about death seems rather depressing don't you think? Holy Scriptures make "Hell" reality for us by turning 1 man, city and/or country against one another and even themselves.

"Hells already here if we are living to die" - quote from "Beast Loose In Paradise" by Lordi.

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This explains a lot.




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