I try hard to keep an open mind and I can at least imagine how people can come to various bogus conclusions thru first having some delusion or another. The entire god belief, while not being most logical conclusion to have arrived at, is at least nderstandable as we are hyper patern seeking animals with a rather strong tendency to believe authority figures and such.

And I was taught, as a theist, that we should believe (in a general/nonspecific kind of way) Christ would be returning soon.

This "the world will end on such and such date" delusion is utterly beyond me tho. How in the world do any of these believers get past how every previous time this has been ''prophesied" it has not occurred and ended up as nothing more than a disappointing false alarm? How do any of them think for a second that this is any different than any of the previous times?

There was a rash of this in the early 1800s. And even that is fathomable at least. One can imagine those believers being ignorant and unaware of the previous false alarms as there was not any CNN nor much mass media yet. No one presently can be unaware of all the times believers were wrong on this. Can they? Or alternatively how can they think that this time is different somehow?

As I say, this is just totally beyond me, and I'd appreciate any attempt at elucidation.

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The date I'VE been hearing bandied about is Dec.12, 2012-something about that being when the Mayan ca lender ends. Anyone else heard that one?
How can they take themselves seriously? Good question! It's been a farce everyone can bear witness to each time they pull this tired old stunt.... I don't get it; but I DO know otherwise intellegent people who buy this crap.
The world is ending on such and such date delusion is just wishfull thinking for the lazy b@$*@&d$ that don't want to pay up on their obligations.  The people that waller in this delusion are on the bottom rungs of whatever faith they claim.
Now that makes some sense, and it fits with most of the little I really know about it.
Well, no elucidation, but thanx anyway.

While I don't buy it myself, some of the bullshit is understandable at least, like religion in general, and even the Mayan thing. They both have reasons, however lame, to be believed.

I can even somewhat understand someone believing 'the end is near" in a vauge way for some indefinite time in the future. However once someone actually moves into a cave, or sells their belongings, or takes any actual concrete action, how can they possibly see themselves as any different from all those who previously have done the same thing and who have all obviously been entirely wrong.




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